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    Hello, I don't understand how to use custom SQL queries in files in the /sql/custom/xxx folders in the right way. Here's an example of what I'm doing: In Juli 2017 I start a complete new project and use TDB_full_world_335.63_2017_04_18.sql and all the stuff from git repository at this date. I commit to whole stuff in my own git repository. In Aug. 2017 I made some database modifications, create therefore some custom SQL files. I let do the core an automatic update as usual. I commit the custom SQLs in my own git repository. I do regular updates of TC 3.3.5 branch and merge them in my repository. In the meantime databases and table change their structures by different TC updates. In Spring 2018 Trinity is providing a new TDB_full_world_335.64_2018_02_19.sql In June 2018 somebody else would like to start on another system a copy of our customized project. He's cloning the custom project from git repository and compiles it. At the updating process the core is asking for TDB_full_world_335.64_2018_02_19.sql After that (I guess) the core is applying outstanding TC updates and all the custom sql updates I made before. But how can I prevent possible database conflicts between my sql queries in the custom updates I made in Aug. 2017 with the database structure of Spring 2018 ?