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    WTF?!! Did you read what I just posted? This is NOT a business!! @Ibeatdungeon, Ask the dev or OP why it was closed, they don't have to give an answer. This is a contributed project. It's not even in the guidelines for devs to say why they closed an issue. Now... with that said.. yes I agree: some explanation would be nice, however, it's entirely up to the devs to adapt a "polite" mannerism to issues while closing and/or commenting.
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    You are comparing ITIL process to an open public project? Also, I am a bit confused when you say "tickets". Are you referring to forum posts and/or open requests on git? I read your wall of rant and I'm at a complete lost on what your requesting within Help and Support. This isn't a company, and some the of the practices (regardless of ITIL) don't need to be adapted, hence contribution factor and NOT a "business".
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    You would be shocked how many people don't search google first just checking lol
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    --- Canned message start --- Trinity does not support repacks. Please learn to compile and configure the source yourself, you will learn more and may even find that the error doesnt exist in vanilla TC. Please refer to the author of the repack for your questions if you continue to use said repack. --- Canned message end ---
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    Well it isn't as stable as 3.3.5a but it is much better then 7.2.5 or even 7.3.2 and I have tested it's up time and it is really good no problems with crashes or downtime so I am really happy with it right now, there was a logging out problem is disconnects for a while until I changed some things with the core authentication but things are running smooth.
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    Actually they still do play and the reason I know this is because my uncle is one of them that still plays 4.3.4 with other employees, but not saying that is all they do I know work comes first lol
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    Like Aokromes said 3.3.5a is the most stable but 4.3.4 is fun too I like playing on that server so you can also run that one for fun, I play on it all the time when I get free time from work that is lol
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    This is a modified version of 7.2.5 and that is why you are having issues with fps you need to not use the client from them, and the feed is also tearing it down when it goes looking for the realm so please use another version.
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    Actually you can find torrent ones by going to google.com and searching for 3.3.5a and one good source is piratebay if when searching just also add that one if you need to find a good source and there are other good sites out there. if you still have problems finding one let me know I will give you a link but google is your friend
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    Actually 4.3.4 is a great version to use I run my server also using 4.3.4, 3.3.5a and 7.3.2 but the funnest one for me is Cataclysm 4.3.4 and you can compile one yourself if that is what version you are wanting to run here is the link for that version. https://gitlab.com/trinitycore/TrinityCore_434/tree/4.3.4
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    Actually the only reason this is still working some what is because Blizzard employee's still play version 3.3.5a, 4.3.4, and 5 but after that the news feed is cut off but the images like the background doesn't show because the rendering system they used is not running anymore when the news feed is streamed so that is why you are not getting the background. This has nothing to do with the firewall blocking it.
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    This sniffer is closed source, don't ask for new sniffer versions making new threads or on irc, new versions will be released when I have time. The sniffs are only available for TC developers and official contributors because they contain private data. Sniffer only works with LIVE realms and the build number stated on title/key file. How to use it: Put it on your wow directory. Start wow.exe. Start attach_sniffer. login. OR Start Wow-64.exe Use attach_sniffer_64 login. If you want to force WoW to start in 32-bit only mode use Wow.exe -noautolaunch64bit Upload your sniff compresed with zip, rar, 7z or some linux format to some non-anoying file hosting (for example zippyshare, mega, anything without captchas or wait times). Post your sniff at http://www.trinitycore.org/f/forum/13-wdbadbsniffs/ only devs will see your sniff there. Note: When updating sniffer you need to overwrite all old files. Edit by ShinDarth: In order to run the sniffer under GNU/Linux or Mac OS X you have to use the Windows client (Wow.exe) and open it using wine (get the latest version). Note: if you have the Mac OS X client already, you can just download the *.exe and *.dll files of the Windows client and add them to your Mac client folder. Instructions: - open a terminal window and run: wine Wow.exe -noautolaunch64bit Script for wine (save in the same directory as wstc) #!/bin/bash WSTC_COMMAND=$(grep -E -o 'WSTC.exe .*\.wstc' ./attach_sniffer.cmd) set -x wine $WSTC_COMMAND WSTC_7.2.5.24742_Release.zip WSTC-64_7.2.5.24742_Release.zip
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    I have been following this tutorial http://www.model-changing.net/tutorials/article/107-legion-big-tutorials/ to add some new items. I have added like 2 new items but my current problem is that I can't add any stats to the item.