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  1. You're old and afraid of change, discord is the new cool kids program.
  2. If i ever need to it again i'll just recover the password.
  3. I would try but i have no clue of what my password is
  4. You forgot to run the updates, the big SQL file on the .zip file is not enough. you have to import all the updates to the world server, they can be found here : ...sqlupdatesworld Instead of importing one by one which is really boring you can merge all into one file. Open ...sqlupdatesworld and then SHIFT+Right click -> Open command line here and then type on the command line: copy *.sql allupdates.sql And all you have to do is run the allupdates.sql
  5. Just compiled, populated my DB with TDB (335.11.46_2012_02_13) and i'm getting this: Posted here because it may be related
  6. Try to uninstall, delete everything from visual studio and then install again. If it's a compiler error probably the program it's not installed correctly... i guess...
  7. Once something like that happened to me but i compiled again and it just got solved by itself .
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