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  1. Well I figured it out by generating them again. Maybe they were corrupted or something!
  2. Hey, I'm doing exactly this but still I've got this issue. Here is my Debug folder (I'll put essential files and folders): dbc / enUS / *.db2 Maps Mmaps Vmaps Bnetserver.exe Bnetserver.conf Worldserver.exe (launched here by double clicking) Worldserver.conf
  3. Hi there, I'm having a weird issue at the moment when I'm trying to start my worldserver. DataDir is set up as default : "." Maps, Vmaps and Mmaps are loaded correctly but for dbc I've got a really weird error: "Incorrect DataDir value in worldserver.conf or ALL required *.db2 files (198) not found by path: ./dbc/enUS/" The folder and sub folder dbc and enUS are both existing... Do you have any ideas ? Thanks a lot guys!
  4. Oh ok ! Thanks for the answer
  5. Hmm ok. How did you acces to phase ? I mean, i watch many videos which present differents way to acces to the phase but they were not implemented on my version. Do you remember, approximately, the date of the patch ? I did a pull last night and I have updated the database
  6. Hi there, I was wondering if someone was getting trouble to acces to the draenor phase of the dark portal (in the blasted lands). Maybe i forgot some updates but i'm not sure. Thank's a lot for your answers !
  7. Hi there, I'm just finishing the installation of my TC server. All is working well except the SOAP module. All the settings are correct, i'm working in local so, my settings are the default one. I am wondering if this issue come from the ressently update of TC, also the tutorial update. Here is my issue : Thanks a lot for your help !
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