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  1. Work in progress mate or can work on it to be fixed.
  2. you have installed the mysql on compile machine? or setup that path in environment variables to contains the development files for mysql.
  3. D3vil


    I think not, because maybe some opcodes was changed on 7.3.
  4. If i am right not using Latin characters on sniff file name and maybe that's why is crashing with this.
  5. You can download from here. https://ci.appveyor.com/api/buildjobs/cr0fkgjas25lyv2k/artifacts/build%2Fbin%2FTrinityCoreWin64VS2015.zip
  6. Hello, Is a small issue with repo link to 6.x. It's point to wrong branch. Now is master not 6.x .Take care of that @KingPin.
  7. update the boost library to least 1.59
  8. @omgdior : The Login on 6.2.4 is using REST API and 6.2.3 old method, only use bserver and wserver for that version.
  9. Try to follow this guide to rezolve your build problems : Wiki.
  10. Gt*.dbc errors is ok on 6.0.3 client because is added on 6.1 patch on ptr. Will be released soon on normal client.
  11. thanks for appreciation for my idea KP, i know is hard to do it because the heatmap is using like a guest account on front page of forum.
  12. maybe is ideea to create hot spots map for main forum page what people choose when enter on forum.
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