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    Open Source related videos and articles

  2. Very interesting video I've been looking at for the last 10 minutes, still a lot more to watch. Thx dfighter for sharing it "How to Protect Your Open Source Project From Poisonous People"
  3. You can use http://bit.ly/UpdateTC to update TC
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    Open Source related videos and articles

  5. jackpoz

    Open Source related videos and articles

  6. jackpoz

    Compilation with -fsanitize=address

    I've been using http://valgrind.org/ for years and I'm getting curious about ASan, do you have experience with the tool or did you just gave it a try ? Could you try running master with valgrind too ? Thanks
  7. jackpoz

    Open Source related videos and articles

  8. jackpoz

    Open Source related videos and articles

  9. jackpoz

    Pull Request Implementation

    You can also add the remote repo where the pull request is and then merge it into the local TC branch (3.3.5 or master). It will be up to you to deal with merge conflicts and updates tho (probably requiring to rebase from time to time).
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    Open Source related videos and articles

  11. jackpoz

    Open Source related videos and articles

    https://heatst.com/tech/drupal-contributors-threaten-to-quit-after-a-developer-is-banned-for-his-private-sex-life/ Once again I find myself to support the https://github.com/domgetter/NCoC "No code of conduct" idea
  12. https://www.openhub.net/p/TrinityCore/enlistments Ohloh is still pointing to master branch, please correct it to point to 6.x. Current status is "Analyzed 4 months ago based on code collected 4 months ago." , after 4 months it's about time to fix it
  13. jackpoz

    Broken Ohloh code location

    Please fix the crawled repos https://www.openhub.net/p/TrinityCore/enlistments , it still points to 6.x branch
  14. jackpoz

    Open Source related videos and articles

  15. jackpoz

    High update times

    https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Monitoring+a+TrinityCore+server might help you monitor what's happening on the server. You should also check the configuration of every involved application (authserver, worldserver, MySQL), fine-tuning them for best performance (which may vary on your usage and hardware resources)
  16. https://www.trinitycore.org/ homepage still references 6.x branch that is no longer maintained and shows https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/a249d86b00eb0854cb925f8bea76ddbb364208df as most recent commit, instead of showing commits of branch "master". The "View Details" link should point to the new master branch too
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    Open Source related videos and articles

  18. jackpoz

    Extractors for win

    you can download Windows x64 binaries from AppVeyor (link on the readme https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/master/README.md should point to https://ci.appveyor.com/project/DDuarte/trinitycore/branch/3.3.5 . A recent working build is https://ci.appveyor.com/project/DDuarte/trinitycore/build/1.0.1742/artifacts )
  19. jackpoz

    Open Source related videos and articles

    https://www.agwa.name/blog/post/how_to_crash_systemd_in_one_tweet >How to Crash Systemd in One Tweet Interesting article (almost a rant) about how security, code quality, code design and readability should matter a lot in software development, even more than actual features
  20. Just press F12 (in Visual Studio) on Player type to walk down the inheritance chain and you'll end up in Position
  21. jackpoz

    Tool for Scripters/DB devs

    maybe the SQL output of WPP can help this part since it comes down to MySQL performance. After all this tool does not much more than a MySQL SELECT, it just needs data being stored in a more query-friendly way (waypoints drawing is a separated topic than sniff filtering).
  22. jackpoz

    Open Source related videos and articles

    https://medium.com/@richardeng/well-it-certainly-takes-a-lot-of-hutzpah-to-make-such-sweeping-declarations-about-software-acc6b519703f#.jw5vc0x6z >Coding is NOT the same thing as programming. Programming is problem-solving. >People often mistake coding for programming. They think that if they learn a programming language (such as JavaScript, Python or Ruby), they’ve learned how to program. That’s nonsense, of course. Learning a programming language without understanding how to solve a programming problem is pretty much worthless. It’s like learning Mandarin and not knowing how to express your thoughts effectively or eloquently. >Make no mistake: problem-solving is difficult. Coding is relatively easy. Really nice (comment about an) article that warns new developers about the long path they need to walk to be Programmers and not just Coders
  23. jackpoz

    Forum upgrade

    could we please get https://community.trinitycore.org/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png fixed ? it's probably flooding logs with 404
  24. jackpoz

    I need some explanations

    and height
  25. jackpoz

    Compile or cmake problems

    can you post your C:\Trinity\src\server\game\Server\Protocol\Opcodes.cpp ? Also try to rerun cmake outside of Visual Studio.