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  1. Try going to canyouseeme.org and testing port 8085. (Assuming you didn't change it)
  2. The important thing here is realmlist in your auth database. You'll see address and localAddress. You will want to change address to you NoIP DNS and change localAddress to your router's IP address. I've included an example to better understand what's being said. Translation: La chose importante ici est realmlist dans votre base de données auth. Vous verrez address et localAddress. Vous voudrez changer l'adresse à vous NoIP DNS et changer localAddress à l'adresse IP de votre routeur. J'ai inclus un exemple pour mieux comprendre ce qui se dit.
  3. Is your Ubuntu machine local or a virtual machine?
  4. I'm reading through the core scripts of TrinityCore to futher understand both C++ and TrinityCore itself. I have to post good job. To me being a novice in C++ the code is impressive and looks professional. I'm looking to further understand when I get to what I can self teach and hopefully give back. Now that I have time to put into the project. (Start with custom and go from there.)
  5. Awesome! Thank you. I didn't even think about looking into those fields before.
  6. https://github.com/trinityclassic/trinityone I don't know anything about progress I just know it's a modified TC 3.3.5 branch in an attempt to take the game to TBC instead of WoTLK. Once again. Never tried or looked further into it, but found that with a simple google search.
  7. I can't guarantee this would work right because of how TC handles logins, but in theory class Account { public function __construct() { $this->db = new db(); } public function ChangeUsername($arg, $arg2) { $userup = strtoupper($arg); $passup = strtoupper($arg2); $query = <<<SQL UPDATE account SET username = :arg AND sha_pass_hash = :arg2 SQL; $resource = $this->db->db->prepare( $query ); $resource->execute( array ( ":arg" => $userup, ":arg2" => sha1($userup.':'.$passup), )); } Simply Define Your Database Connection and then call the script with $account = new Account(); $account->ChangeUsername($_POST['username'],$_SESSION['sha']); This is a very rough draft, but if you know what you're doing with any of the code then it wouldn't be hard to implement. However I can't say I would recommend it regardless.
  8. I know that the proper syntax while creating a user account in php is to run the username and password as upper and sha1 sha1("USER:PASS") But my question is more say you want to have a way to update the password? I tried with a standard query UPDATE accounts SET sha_pass_hash = sha1("USERNAME:NEWPASS") WHERE username = :arg :arg is just a general username placeholder, but when I run that command. it still takes the old login information. I know you can use the console to set the password, but I'm looking at ways to run it when the server is offline, Does anyone know why this doesn't work?
  9. I'd say to check all your port forwards etc, make sure that nothing has changed with your IP. All the good tests like that. Your IP times out which tells me that you have the wrong IP address mapped.
  10. What's the Ip address in the auth realm list? It should be your external Ip and then forwarded to your internal pc through your router
  11. ​Glad to hear it. Just got off work and saw you did a little bit. FYI. Dont' use emails because then it seems to autolink to battle.net for some reason lol
  12. Answer to your Linux question is you can just download it from Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Backtrack whichever you would like. I would go with Ubuntu or Debian being new. The DB isn't the same issue. The issue is you have to run TDB_Full. If you can't figure it out with mysql shell or with cygwin then I would say to at least run HeidiSQL. Afterwards you have to go to TrinityCore/sql/updates/world and run all the ones in there. I would try the type attribute and see if that works. From command prompt within the updates/world folder you would run type *.sql | mysql -utrinitycore -ptrinitycore worldNo guarantees on that however.
  13. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX worked. Thanks, I took the guide literally and was trying -CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX before.
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