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  1. TDB335.59 Quest_template question! Today to get the TDB335.59 version of the code to complete Found some problems Quest_template in the original “PrevQuestId” field, “NextQuestId” field, “SpecialFlags” field is gone. How to set up the task before and after the relationship, should be how to solve? In addition, how to set up the task can be repeated?
  2. Please help me Monster casting skills object field in which data tables? I find it not in creature_template Does the creature skill caster target field in which the data in a table?
  3. ubuntu14.04 No ACE to normal operation?Do not install the ACE will cause the make process of 13% errors。 But I found that even if the ACE is installed, the 35% error at compile time follow the installation steps described in wiki. Early versions of the wiki does not have this problem, is this what is the problem?
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