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  1. ok, then I won't concern myself with it. Thanks!
  2. I am coming back to TC after working on some other projects the last couple of years and getting caught up on everything I've missed. However, yesterday I stumbled across a reddit post about "SunwellCore" being released publicly. All I could gather was that it is was fork of TC that had a lot of additional enhancements made to it. I think it's great that perhaps these improvements can be folded back into the TC trunk. Can anyone share info about what kind of changes were in the SunwellCore and if TC is benefitting from the public release of its code?
  3. This. In addition, every single change you make to the world DB should be saved as updates in an *.sql file, which you can then just re-run after you've reset the world DB.
  4. Well there was the post where I directed some idiot running a public server to Paradox for information pn TC's dev support plan. np though. I'll catch the next idiot
  5. The Bug Reporting / Patch Submission link in the TrinityCore Development section. It gets a 404 going to http://www.trinitycore.org/t/trinitycore
  6. Yeah, I know it's an alpha but it's available for download by anyone. Therefore we end up with a lot of non-programmers trying to use it and basically wasting the time of the TC staff with pointless questions usually mangled by google translate
  7. I generally stay with the main releases since they are much more stable and I don't need the constant updates, so it's less hassle in the long run. That would be TDB51. You should upgrade that frequently, at a minimum.
  8. Honestly, I don't see how you guys keep supporting 4.3.4 for general use without pulling your hair out.
  9. He is quoting from: http://akira6968.prophpbb.com/topic26.html If you are not following the TC wiki, don't expect support from TC devs. Go ask the person who wrote the instructions that you are following.
  10. Running a public wow server is against the law. If you raise money to do it, you're probably committing a felony. The TC project absolutely, positively does not support illegal activity.
  11. Yes, but there is a legitimate use for an external IP without it being an illegal public server.
  12. We all had to learn the first time. Good luck! A lot of people struggle with getting the external IP working --- I know it took me a couple of nights!
  13. ok, here's what I think you should do -- feel free to ignore. First off, recognize that the 4.3.4 release is an alpha version (buggy and unstable) and is not intended for general use. It is intended for experienced developers to work with and to help fix problems. Secondly, instead do an install and configuration on the 3.3.5 build first so that you can get a better understanding of how all of the TrinityCore pieces work together with a version that is proven and stable. Then, when you feel confident enough with how TC works and still want to contribute to 4.3.4 development, download the 4.3.4 branch (it will be much easier for you then) and go from there. There is no reason at all for you to jump straight into 4.3.4 if you don't have any experience with 3.3.5. All you will do is get frustrated. It's better to come up to speed on 3.3.5 first. You are mistaken!
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