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  1. Du hast entweder den Pfad in der Config nicht korrekt eingestellt oder aber die Maps von einem falschen Clienten gezogen. Beachte, dass der Master Branch mit 3.3.5a arbeitet und die Maps, VMaps und MMaps entsprechend von diesem erstellt werden müssen.
  2. Just for example: you have a printer runing on windows xp quit fine. After upgrading to windows 7 the printer stop working because there is no driver for win7. Where do you ask for help? Are you going to ask microsoft for support or the printers manufacturer? It is the same with external programs for trinitycore like truice or eswow2. Whenever tc changes something in the tablestructure of the database the developers of the external program have to adjust their code or querries. Not the trinitycore team. Simple as that. And whenever somebody is giving you a hint how to solve a problem you have to try to follow it before writing new posts. As you may saw, my hint solves your problem but before you note this, you write more and more. That is why para is that "straightforward".
  3. I gave you the explenation. Work with it, or ask the devs of the eswow project but this is not the right place for asking such questions because your problem is not related to the official code or db base of trinitycore.
  4. You are talking about locales so i guess you try to import a localized patch for any other language like spanish, or german. Because of the change in quest_template you have to change some things in the localization. There should be something like INSERT IGNORE INTO locales_quest (entry) SELECT entry FROM quest_template; which you have to change to INSERT IGNORE INTO locales_quest (entry) SELECT Id FROM quest_template;
  5. Kindergarten cO Stop talking about who's epenis is the most greatest...all of us (i hope so) just try to help other users as much as we can. Sometimes also the topposters of the forum are wrong. Athena did a misstake, well, like all others, posting here. This is a compiler problem. A problem in VS. No problem with the trinitycore code. So this thread is obsolet and has to be closed. The threadstarter should use google or any vs help and support forum. As you can see, there are only hints like "it seems like" "maybe there is" "i guess" and so on...why? Exactly...cause it is no tc problem and therefore nobody realy knows whats going on.
  6. Maybe i am stupid or such but a sql editor opens up a table without checking for specific columns so i can not realy understand why you get this error. I will try to reproduce it but therefore i need some more informations. Please tell me step by step with truely every click you done in order to get this error. Ofc this is perhabs no trinitycore problem but it would be nice to know where this error is form.
  7. I am a bit confused. When exactly do you get the error? Not realy by just open the table. Did you try to import a custom sql which gave you that error? It is not possible to get a column count dismatch errror by just opening a table in a sql editor.
  8. Using the real newest tdb version with all updates from /sql/updates/world/ could not cause your error so you have done a misstake. We do not know which link you used for downloading the newest version. Try to repeat the hole world database process.
  9. Pls read this thread and rewrite your post.
  10. Did you rerun cmake and cleaned up your build?
  11. Have a look at this: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/b0fe236265465a0f39aa98a8cee2916d1ccfaa02
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