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  1. They refresh after auctions expires. Want more items use the world config. Just have to mess with the configs. It's not 100% to set it this way to work.
  2. This? https://github.com/trickerer/Trinity-Bots
  3. May not answer your question. But I've always let the players know on the how to connect page to /join world which will create a channel upon joining it. Of course this will only work if cross faction chat is aloud.
  4. Patches are done before a compile. If you use the main trinitycore npcbots instead of the pre made compiled version then you can add the other patch you want then compile the core. It tells you how to patch before compiling on the trinitycore npcbots page: https://github.com/trickerer/Trinity-Bots Or if you don't want to compile your own then you will have to find a teleporter script to add to the database.
  5. Is there a reason why Trial of the Champion says it's closed when trying to enter it?
  6. Hi, What would I change in rbac_linked_permissions to allow two sided whispers? I only see (195, 36); -- Allow to use whispers off Thank you
  7. Very old post but it was funny reading this thread. Mangos forever, lmao. Bad choice.
  8. I just compiled mine very recently. TrinityCore-TDB335.64 about 2 days ago or 3. Sucks it's broken right now. It use to work. I did add items on a legit character to the auction house and the buyer bot works fine.
  9. Only thing world log says is: Initialize AuctionHouseBot... AuctionHouseBot seller not have items, disabled. I never had to login the account for it to work but I tried that anyway and it didn't work.
  10. Hi, I feel like a noob asking this question. I have a lot of knowledge on how to run and setup a Trinity core the past few years and I love the 3.3.5a. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with the auction house bot because last time I used it a few years ago it worked fine. I just can't figure out why it's not adding items to the auction house. I did notice there were items in the auction house with no seller name on them. I'm guessing it might have started to add items as account 0? Which is by default in the worldserver config. So I created an account and made a character then added that account ID as 2 which is the account I want for the auction house bot. I then deleted everything in the table auctionhouse to make everything new. Because I wanted to try to change some prices etc. I'm not sure if those items were there already in the .sql or not. I don't think they would be as a fresh install but I didn't look either. I did try to add AuctionHouseBot.GUID after checking the wiki. Still didn't work. auctionhousebot-settings.txt
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