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  1. Well I got it done, but now I've used the extractors from the latest pull and world server does not like 250 from 1 of the dbc's. I am on master fork and running a client. Is core still expecting the 8.2.0 maps? Perhaps I need to extract again. EDIT: Patch just dropped today. That could have done it too.
  2. So, I've worked with compiling many cores before; and I'm a little confused. I've gotten to the point in the Wiki were I put together the databases and populate them; and I'm lost. The wiki instructions specifically state to download the TDB_Full_*.7z, but all 8.x TDB releases only appear to have source code files with an empty base world.sql and TONS of update files. If memory serves (it has been a while since I've compiled Trinity); these files do not populate the world db with the initial data; but updates them. So, I suppose what I am asking is, for MASTER branch, which TDB do I need to start with to get the full database; before using the other 8.x releases to update the DB? Would it be the last Legion database release? EDIT 1: From what I'm able to gather, I can use TDB_Full_735.7z to install base data; and then use the latest 8.2.5 world updates from the source tar to update to 8.2.5 data. Requiring only the two zip files. Is this correct? EDIT 2: I found the 8.2.0 full release in the tags section, I will start from their and update accordingly.
  3. Latest pull and SQL updates have me on the straight and narrow. Thanks guys for the quick rev work! This ticket can be closed now.
  4. I did this: CMake -> Configure -> Configure -> Generate. VC++ 2010 -> Release(x64) -> Clean All -> Build All 15 Succeeded, 19 Failed, 0 Skipped. then I tried it without the extractors, same result.
  5. Well I just re-installed MySQL and I followed the wiki to the letter. I'm going to try a reboot. SQL installed, rebooted, Compiled without extractors and still no world server, and now no auth server.
  6. Just pulled source... Still not getting anywhere. Third post, threads keep getting closed early on. See build log: Build.rar
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