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  1. I compiled once with many custom scripts and it was successful, then I wanted clean compile, i cloned repo and I can't seems to compile it? I heard that it is because of some kind of permissions or something?
  2. Hello, On Trinitycore 3.5.5a TrinityCore rev. 8927a042536d 2014-04-07 22:16:31 +0200 (master branch) (Unix, Release) (worldserver-daemon) When GM with Gmlevel 2 set .whispers off GM with Gmlevel 3 or Gmlevel 3 can't send him message. Shouldn't higher level be available to send him message even he disabled them?
  3. Hello TrinityCore, Yesterday I decided to compile again 4.3.4 and I must be doing something wrong. I'm running on Ubuntu 13.10. I cloned 4.3.4 branch and built it. Downloaded TDB 5 and ran updates from TrinityCore 4.3.4 ALPHA Updates and i keep getting this error: 'Uknown column 'attackpower' in 'field list' but i have it in creature_template You will say that i missed some sql file i'm aware of that.Can someone upload me some fresh world database or make a list which updates from TrinityCore/sql/updates should be updated. Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is any fresh trinitycore guide for compiling trinitycore server on Centos 6.I have Centos 6 and i don't know how to compile it.I know how to compile it on windows but linux is another world.Thank you.
  5. My problem is solved by myself.Didn't get any help(as expected).I don't run repack for last time.Stop posting usless comments.CLOSE THREAD.Problem solved.
  6. OK, I solved it. I made new table in creature_template named unit_flags to and excuted some SQL updates.
  7. yes.And i got same error from already comapiled one(I downloaded it) I thought it could be MySQL error because I'm using that Jeutie portables,but if it does not work properly i couldn't run authserver.
  8. Copy/paste nah.That error appears when you download 4.3.4 branch from github instead of cloning it.I got one build folder made by downloading it and one made by cloning it.So i opened that cloned one and got that info.
  9. Fixed, f16f427c48cb 2013-08-18 18:13:14 +0200 (4.3.4 branch) (Win32, Release) (worldserver-daemon)
  10. Hello, I wanted to compile 4.3.4 trinitycore server but I got worldserver error i've been trying to fix few days.I already had 4.3.4 server before but i didn't have this problem.I have 3.5.5a one too. Let's start: I cloned 4.3.4 branch Cmake Visual studio build Made maps/vmaps/dbc Edited configs Created db Downloaded latest TDB Added updates from TrinityCore_4.3.4_DB_Alpha-master/updates And for result I got Authserver working perfectly but worldserver keeps getting error: Server: My MySQL username and password are right.If they aren't authserver wouldn't work. DB Errors: Thanks in advance. I saw some issues like mine but I did not download 3.5.5a branch and added 4.3.4 db or opposite.
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