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  1. So I was trying to make some quests on my TrinityCore 3.3.5a server, but when I went onto the Wiki (http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/Worldhttp://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/quest_template) and looked at all the tables, I realised that it is not correct with what I have in my Database and so I have no idea how to do certain things (such as how to make a quest chain because I can't find PrevQuestID and NextQuestID only NextChainQuestID which doesn't help much. So is the Wiki outdated or did my DB fuck up? Because the server can still run on what I have so I'm guessing the wiki is outdated.
  2. I don't know what I did, but the Worldserver crash is fixed now, I can log in again. So this thread can be closed :-)
  3. I see... I assumed it was short for client... Either way, I have no idea how I would make use of Command Line Interface anyway, but like I said the updates are fixed now, the only problem I have being the WorldServer crashing as soon as I log in.
  4. I don't have that... where can I get that? Didn't find that on the website. Edit: I used the MySQL Workbench to apply all the updates without errors (even tho I had to apply them One-By-one which was quite annoying ) however when I launch WorldServer and try to log in on a character, it still crashes (with the same error as in my thread).
  5. Sorry but what do you mean use MySQL cli? :$ Or rather, what MySQL Client? MySQL Community Server ? Is this the client you are talking about? http://i.imgur.com/c3V0BWC.png
  6. So I did a fresh Git clone, and I downloaded the most recent TDB file from the website. However, I have a few problems. The updates are 155 MB, which is a large file (in relation to what kind of file it is), seeing how the world DB itself is 80 MB. Why is this? Why all of a sudden did you add such huge amounts of localisation? With HeidiSQL 8.x.x versions it took me 2 hours to update like half my DB, then I gave up and downloaded HeidiSQL 7.x.x which seem to be a lot faster with updating for some reason. Either way, while updating, I keep getting a ton of errors from the .SQL files, which means I can't finish updating! Which I also believe is what's causing my WorldServer to crash as soon as I try log into a character in-game. I get this error: (However it isn't in the Server.log because it crashes before that I guess, I can only see it in the window before I close WorldServer after it has crashed). C:SourcesrcservergameEntitiesObjectObject.cpp:308 in Object::GetUint32Value ASSERTION FAILED: index < m_valuesCount :: PrintIndexError(index, false) [0x63e44] [0x15a64d] [0x153a24] [0x267289] [0x6fe76] [0x72958] [0x35f26] [0x355f6] [0x1975d] [0x373fde ] ACE_OS_THREAD_Adapter::invoke()+0xa1 [0x0] _get_fls_index()+0x6f [0x0] _get_fls_index()+0x53 [0x0] BaseThreadInitThunk()+0x12 [0x0] RtlInitializeExceptionChain()+0x63 [0x0] RtlInitializeExceptionChain()+0x36 [0x0] Cheers for any help.
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