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  1. Never thought about that, that's a good point. And a good plan B
  2. Well.. wowhead is running a licence granted by blizzard, they are partners
  3. I've discussed it a bit on a random chat in SO: http://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/28236055#28236055 and they said that I'm screwed up, pretty much I trust TC people more that those devs, I'm just trying to be sure before releasing my project :D
  4. I've developed a jQuery (javascript library we all know) plugin using in-game UI assets that I extracted from wowprogramming.com/utils/artbrowser/ The project is open source and non-commercial, just like TC... The question is, how should I license it in order to avoid a possible "take down" coming from Blizzard Lawyers? I've read this already: Looks good until I get into " You also agree that you will not alter, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise modify the Downloaded Content. ". Hell, I think I qualify for the "disassemble" thing... I'm not making money out of it, just like TC, I started this project for learning purposes only. I want to know if is there any way I can license my project in order to not be sued by Blizzard. I'm not pretty sure if I can use the same TC's license... Any hint/help will be really appreciated.
  5. lol'd He deleted the forum thread!!!!!!! hahahahahahah so pathetic.
  6. I didn't create this topic to bitch about developers. You sound pretty much like this Maxxgold http://www.code-genesis.com/forum/m/18191747/viewthread/24181839-world-warcraft-private-server The ""owner"" of this private server So basically you are bitching on TC development team just because your private server doesn't performs like you want? Man, that's so hypocritical. TC is going to work on Legion eventually. If Its development results are successful, it will most likely depend on how many good developers does the project attracts. We can't speculate the project success in base of previous branches. Just because 4.4.3 and 6.x.x wasn't as good as 3.3.5 doesn't mean Legion branch can't be better.
  7. Can I do the same procedures using only git or git extensions? I mean, without TortoiseGIT installed (how?) What about Github for Windows?
  8. Watching! ^^ I don't think there's gonna be a final patch for WoD, but a pre-patch for Legion, all the intro thingie and bla bla bla... I'm wondering if all the work done on 6.x branch will be applicable into a possible 7.x ♥
  9. Start by preparing your sniffers! I have the feeling that the best expansion (after wotlk) is about to come! I'm really excited about Legion... The main idea and features coming are amazing in my opinion! I don't like that much the idea about wielding legendary weapons like ashbringer and doomhammer, but if they are used only to fight in PvE, then I'm ok with it What do you think about it? PD: WoD was disastrous
  10. I followed the instructions to a 4.3.4 core compilation, it worked great, Then I followed the exact same instructions for a 3.3.5a compilation, but vmaps, mmaps, dbc and maps extractors didn't show up, where should I get them? Should I recompile again?? I've checked the "tools" options in CMake but still...
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