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  1. Most of these errors are old scripts from Wrath, Cataclysm that are still referenced in the database.

    To fix them you need to check if the lines in the database are still valid, removing them if not (or adding when something is missing).

  2. On 5/3/2017 at 10:16 AM, codeman8214 said:

    I sent you a patch file for the connection it is fixed with the changes the socket now listens better, just use git apply thefile.patch

    Wouldn't it be wiser to create a pull request with that? 

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  3. Currently, the way it works is with the pool_* tables in the world database. There are pool groups and a max number of notes (herbs, mines, etc) that can be active at once.

    @r00ty has been working hard on improving this system, by having dynamic spawns that take into account number of players in the zone, like retail, and much more. The pull request is at https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/pull/19056 and needs testers.

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