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  1. Hi, I want know how to use the opcode dumper in the shauren repos ? This tools is user for find sub in the client right ?
  2. hi shauren; i've found the problem. it's database column order an i don't know why, the column "ID" of the db2 is on unsigned, and i find it in signed. If i write it in signed, the core send this error
  3. yes, it's problem with database? The structure is good?
  4. HOTFIX_SEL_GROUP_FINDER_ACTIVITY does'nt use preparestatement? I ve tried your solution, i have the same problem...I don't understand why...
  5. Hi, i want implement lfg list but i want implement GroupFinderActivity.db2, GroupFinderActivityGrp.db2 and GroupFinderCategory.db2. After add structure, meta, loadinfo, the core start but i ve this error : thanks for help me : struct GroupFinderActivityEntry { uint32 ID; LocalizedString* FullName; LocalizedString* ShortName; uint8 GroupFinderCategoryID; uint8 OrderIndex; uint16 GroupFinderActivityGrpID; uint8 MinLevel; uint8 MaxLevelSuggestion; uint32 Flags; uint16
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