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  1. but that is really large and it has got lot of unnecessary features... microsoft please...
  2. Someone can help me with a stable 3.5.5 source what can be compiled with Visual Studio 2015 ?
  3. But I don't have retail subscription at this time, so I can't use this.
  4. Hello all, Is it possible to get the spawn coordinates of a GameObject from the retail server ? In Legion there are a lot of unspawned objects in the DB and I can't spawn correctly manually, I need coordinates to make a correct spawn.
  5. Thanks ! A question : Why did the team remove those sources from the original TrinityCore repository ? Even if you stopped working on them. Anyway guys keep up the good work ! I just tested the Legion core and it is awesome ! But it would be much better if you would stop a little bit focusing on the retail version and start making the cata->legion quests, instances....
  6. Where can I find the old trinity warlords of draenor source ?
  7. TrinityCore team why don't you make scripts for Draenor ? The project started a year ago and there is no scripts for the draenor content, or the project cancelled ?
  8. Hi TC , Where is the trinity core 4.3.4 ? Why you delete?
  9. Hi i ve got a big question: So, I go a phase , here a npc , I attack this npc. Ok it's good ,but the my problem this: A another player go to this phase but this player sees that(when i attack the npc) How can i solve this ? (when the another npc go to this phase , the player doesn't see me and the npc wasn't attacked.) Like the quest chains ( example: DK light of dawn quest, the dareon morgraine start a wp when i select her gossip menu,but when another player go to this phase the dareon wasn't moved. Just only if we are in a party.) Very,very thanks if you helped.
  10. Why not available the smartai quest commands? (like: SMART_EVENT_QUEST_ACCEPTED)
  11. I open the auth and i get this error: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) i installed all all the microsoft redistributables and i 've got net framework,openssl Please help
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