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  1. Well its ashamanecore based in trinitycore,bfa 34220. Log hasnt more data... With every quest in starting zones,for example: https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=8325/reclaiming-sunstrider-isle In trinity master it works good,I wasted a lot of hours trying to figure where is the issue and I would like to fix it...I think that it could be packets,or something related to entities/player.cpp. The quests are autoaccept,you get the quest and when you click the accept button to close the gossip so the game get stuck. You can move,writte in chat,open talents,but if you click the npc or ot
  2. Hello,I was wondering if someone has some idea about what could cause the issue. I get this in worldserver console when I accept a quest in starting zone (autoaccept quests),it happens in all starting zone,classes,races,but only with that quests: No defined handler for opcode [UNKNOWN OPCODE 0x3553 (13651)] sent by [Player: Nel Player-1-00000004, Account: 1] MoveSplineInitArgs::Validate: expression '_checkPathLengths()' failed for Creature-0-1-530-0-15274-0000000031 Entry: 15274 Player::SendTimeSync: Did not receive CMSG_TIME_SYNC_RESP for over 30 seconds from 'Nel' (Player-1-000
  3. You can try to add this patch manually if you want try it: UPDATE `access_requirement` SET `difficulty`=4 WHERE `mapid`=564;
  4. I'm not sure but I guess its why you forgott to add .git in the rute. Repository to clone: https://github.com/trinityCore/trinityCore.git
  5. First time i only added manually base auth/characters and tdb_full hotfixes and world (I have done this several times before, I follow your job since long time ago and I have installed the most of your server versions and everything was ok always this way). Nevermind... I followed your instructions (dropped every db) and I allowed worldserver.exe to create dbs and update it...same log error... and I didnt import manually any sql file this time....
  6. Hello I have done a clear install core and db yesterday. I added the base auth/characters db, TDB_full_735.00_2018_02_19 (world and hotfixes). Auth and characters got autoupdated when i ran the worldserver.exe but I'm getting this error with hotfixes db (log): In mysql_stmt_prepare() id: 46, sql: "SELECT ID, Flags, ClientPrefix, ClientFileString, Name, NameFemale, NameMale, FacialHairCustomization1, FacialHairCustomization2, HairCustomization, CreateScreenFileDataID, SelectScreenFileDataID, MaleCustomizeOffset1, MaleCustomizeOffset2, MaleCustomizeOffset3, FemaleCustomizeOffset1, FemaleCus
  7. If I'm not wrong you can modify the time in the db. There are a little tables for the events there but I'm not sure about these specific event.
  8. Omg....you are really awesone and you did a great work, a lot of thanks ^^.
  9. For modify host file you have to uncheck "read only" in the file propierties... If you dont modify the host file, server will be never online... I think that you can use hamachi for more than 5 people....
  10. Well...this is a spanish video-tutorial but maybe it can help you: trinity public server By the way, I remember that old versions as 3.3.5 used differents ports but I'm not sure if it has changed and trinity 3.3.5 use the same ports than legion now... Check your server configs for knowing it...
  11. That is the script used for completing a objective when in quest_objectives table the type of objective is 0 (npc) or 2 (object) and you dont need to kill it really. When you can kill the npc you dont need the script because when you kill the npc the quest_objective will get completed withouth the script. The script complete the quest_objective when you click the option in the gossip_menu withouth you need to kill any npc.
  12. First option which Rat told you: INSERT INTO `smart_scripts`(`entryorguid`,`source_type`,`id`,`link`,`event_type`,`event_phase_mask`,`event_chance`,`event_flags`,`event_param1`,`event_param2`,`event_param3`,`event_param4`,`action_type`,`action_param1`,`action_param2`, `action_param3`,`action_param4`,`action_param5`,`action_param6`,`target_type`,`target_param1`,`target_param2`,`target_param3`,`target_x`,`target_y`,`target_z`,`target_o`,`comment`) VALUES (object_with_gossip,1,0,1,62,0,100,0,gossip_id,0,0,0,72,0,0,0,0,0,0,7,0,0,0,0,0,0,0, 'object_with_gossip- On gossip option 0 select -
  13. Maybe your issue is your client if you donwloaded it of a private server site. Did you patch your wow.exe? Change the realmlist in the config.wtf file (set realmlist "") of your wow and check in propierties "only read". Be sure that your wow client version is the same than trinity core version soported.
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