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  1. In your screenshots I see that you are using english in your OS so I guess that you dont know spanish but just in case that you do it, a video-guide in spanish Installing software requerided I guess that you should to check the guide in the trinity wiki, you have everything that you need there,include the versions for every software need (HannibalRog gave you the link up).
  2. I thougth the same, so weird. +credit for helping people
  3. Erg...it isnt so difficult man... Here you have a Spanish video-Guide
  4. Yes, the correct database is which you used dduarte 720 TDB_full_720.00_2017_04_18.7z Truncate the world database, add the sql file tdb full 720 and turn on run updates automatly in the worldserver.config. Then run the worldserver.exe and everything should to be ok. Dont forget to delete the cache client folder before of starting the wowpatched..exe
  5. @CDawg thanks you, i just got the zip and it worked good. In the end I had to fix the quest in different way, it wasnt a areatrigger :P. Thanks you both for the help. The topic can be closed. (if you are curiose what quest it was Quest 39384 )
  6. Well i was going to tell you about clearing your cache too. If it doesnt work: You can truncate the world database, import the world sql file downloaded of trinity and then you run the worldserver.exe so updates get added automatly.And everything should to work good. Just wondering why you used a different database of trinity instead of trinity one...
  7. @darki73 ow i didnt see that, thanks you and thanks you for the link to check column structure :P.
  8. A lot of thanks you, Im doing a video-tutorial for fixing quest 39384 and i need it for the areaexplore objective ^^. EDit::The compilation is giving error, i will have to wait for a fix, thx.
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a software for opening areatrigger.db2, I need to check a id for fixing a quest and mydbceditor doesnt open db2 files. Any suggestion? Thanks you.
  10. Well i have tested it now and every thing works good for me. You can open the gameobject if you have taked the quest only (I tested it with the horde quest id=9993, alliance is the same 9992), if you havent taken the quest you cant open it. Here you have the values for it (i didnt change any values, so its trinity original values): Gameobject_template: data0=57 data1=19372 data3=1 The rest of data files=0,nothing relevant there Gameobject_template_addon: flags=4 The rest=0 Gameobject_loot_template; entry=19372 questrequired=1 The rest same than you. I hope this is clear for you so you can fix it. Good luck.
  11. Ctrl+alt+supr, process window, finish the conhost.exe process.
  12. Its because the process isnt closed if you dont close your wow client. If you want you can close the process with your tag manager if you dont want to close your wow client.
  13. Never mind, I fixed it in the core. And I have commited the fix for the new version. Waiting for it is accepted but my parser is working with new version now ^^. Thanks you for your answer. Topic can be closed,thx.
  14. Hello, Im trying to use it but it doesnt work. Im not sure if im doing anything wrong. I compiled it with visual studio 2017 in debug mode. I configured the config file for target legion,output 4 (sql) and true in all tables. Is the parser updated for the last version The error in the start is: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException It doesnt create any sql file.
  15. If it didnt work the way that i told you, so surely the questid in that gameobject is wrong in gameobject_template. You should to check that. Everything works good for me.