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  1. thought u did. someone did. cba to find it now
  2. Just because I joined TC in march doesn't mean I never worked on TC or paid attention to TC before march, however you're so blinded by ignorance that you fail to think of anything other than how to disrespect the project and anyone who opposes you. You assume that "ditching 6.x" is a step backwards if that were to happen, it's not. almost all of the work done to 6.x will be compatible with 7.x, with some obvious updating necessary. Especially because the front end of 6.x hasn't been started. You also assume that there is a clear "finish" to a project, you're still studying CS and probably haven't had any real world experience in the field so I can't blame you for thinking so naively. Large projects are never really finished. There's always something to be done. @m_pan gave a great example of this with 3.3.5. A project being "finished" is entirely relative to the person saying it. Wrong. People are working on 3.3.5 still because they like 3.3.5. What's wrong with that? While I agree progress would be faster if people switched to 6.x, at the end of the day they will work on what they want to work on. EDIT: Anyway if you're wanting TC to "finish" expansions before moving on to the next that simply isn't possible. TC can't possibly hope to match everything the entire blizz team does in the time between expansions, which would cause TC to get further and further behind blizz. which is exactly what happened with 3.3.5, and now there's a void where there is an immense amount of stuff missing.
  3. there are tools for editing SAI (event horizon comes to mind). yeah its jibberish reading it raw. http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/smart_scripts has more than enough documentation for using SAI effectively. I myself learned SAI via that very page. Why are we picking on SAI anyway, seems kinda random. SAI is only one part of what is front end development.
  4. Oh boy.. first of all, don't back up Maxxgold. He quite obviously doesn't know what he's talking about, or he's completely oblivious. He was not providing any constructive criticism, he was bashing, clearly. That is why the thread was locked. If you truly believe that TC has only "shined up" other peoples work, then you also don't know what you are talking about or are oblivious. MaNGOS is a big part of what makes TC so great, but NOT the sole reason, not even remotely close. I would list off some of the massive things that TrinityCore has done which greatly impacted the quality of TrinityCore, but it's really not worth the effort. I suspect all the time I'm spending typing this is completely futile, as they say haters gonna hate. Anyone who has used ManGOS aswell as TrinityCore would know, and anyone who has paid attention to TC's work over the past few years would also know. The wiki is perfectly fine, I had a friend use it to set up TC for the first time just the other day. the only problems she had were things she missed / misread in the guide, and the vmap batch file code was missing for some reason. There are obviously some rare cases where you encounter some issue that the wiki doesn't have any information about, but nothing is perfect. 95% of times if you're having issues it's because you fucked something up or missed something. In that 5% case, that's where the TC IRC is useful. Regarding support: TC devs dont have to give ANY support, they choose to. therefor you have no right to cry about how you were treated. Aokromes did nothing wrong, he is in fact correct, TDB data should ALWAYS be correct, as it is taken directly from blizzard. There are however some cases where data could be wrong, albeit incredibly unlikely. Aokromes did nothing to mistreat you. he told you what he knows. If you are correct and there is a mistake, you are foolish to think that Aokromes should kiss your feet and beg forgiveness if you are correct and what he said isn't. Would it be polite to apologize if you are correct? perhaps, but as i said they can do or not do what ever they'd like. TC is giving support purely because they want to. 7.x- no one said it would be the next thing TC works on, wat? but also, Maxxgold was crying that TC "doesn't want to finish what they start", and your argument is that you don't like the state of 4.x or 6.x, both of you choose to cry to or bash the developers, which really makes absolutely no sense to me. Why in the world would you bash or whine about the very people who are working towards doing what you are wanting? If anyone is to blame for progress not being as fast as someone would like, it is the very people who are saying that progress isn't fast enough. They are the very ones who could have the power to speed up progress to their liking, yet they choose to stand by and watch / whine. They have no right. That being said, the state of 6.x is quite good in my opinion. I believe that TC should have a great back end, which few people are able to develop, and users should work on the front end, which requires little skill, and is much more fun for most. front end is scripts / most db things. Having a great backend provides the grounds for which virtually anyone can learn and modify things to their liking, while also limiting the expanse of private servers. Obviously my view of this is not the majority view, so I don't expect anyone to understand or share my view. Now, as for contributing. Yes, it is very difficult to learn what would be required to contribute enough to TC to make a difference, there is no doubt about that. I myself have been working with TC for just under 4 years and still don't consider myself as skilled or wise as some of TC's best. That doesn't mean people should give up and resort to nonconstructive criticism or whining about the people who are knowledgeable not doing enough as they'd like. It takes a lot of time and a lot of motivation, but it can be done. I expect if you were to reply to this, it would be something along the lines of "I'm not crying", you are. You are frustrated that Aokromes didn't follow up with a post regarding what you said, so you jump to conclusions. Then you back someone who is blatantly bashing the people who work on the project, and the work they've done, only to try and prove a misguided point that you believe he was giving useful criticism/information like you, and that TC is repressing people who try to give criticism or information. Some types of criticism are good, such as ways to improve code or a certain aspect of development. criticism about how much is being done or what is being done is NOT useful, ever. it provides no possible beneficial result.
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