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  1. Okay, it totally doesn't work. Made clean cmake, cmake with a path, install with a path - it still runs without renaming conf.dist (runs the first config) + it shows the new path in the CMAKE, so SOMETHING is really wrong.
  2. Without any additional parameters right? Just a ../configure, make install DESTDIR Sorry. cmake ../ and make install destdir Nvm, everything is on wiki. Thanks! cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/<username>/server -DWITH_WARNINGS=1
  3. Hiho. I'm trying to open a new realm. Copied world, auth, configs to a new folder, but it doesn't work. The default path by 'make install' in ubuntu is usr/bin for binaries and usr/etc for confs, so i thought to make a new 'make install' with a path: make install DESTDIR=/blahblahIt installed correctly, I have bin and etc folders within the blahblah folder, but IT STILL USES THE OLD PATH (usr/etc). Do you have any ideas how to solve this? Thank you!
  4. That means you improve, right? I am just trying to figure our how some server fixed things like Vmaps on Dalaran and RoValor. It seems that this needs a better extracting.
  5. Maybe not day by day, but but for example, I downloaded vmaps extractor from 2013, 14 and 15, vmaps folder after extraction was bigger each time - that means that there are more of them.
  6. But extractors are being improved day by day, it must somehow affect their quality. So, if this is not TC's, who's then? Is there someone ABOVE ?!
  7. Hello! As in the topic. I totally can't find anything about Vmaps. My personal idea is that if extractors are better, Vmaps are better, but it doesn't make sense. is there anyone who can explain how does it work? What to do if I want to script for example an arena with Vmaps?
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