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  1. Well. its clear to say that i still can't login. still getting #105 on trying to login.
  2. Have you tried running as administrator ? (better late than never)
  3. Sorry Jududdar. Ofc i need to pull it.. dooh. its just me not using my head. Compiling atm.
  4. True. Trying to insert it directly into the HeidiSQL. I figured, deleting everything inside Bnet_components Table and running only the second line into that table: without the " + " infront. I was able to launch that into the database without error but it has NOT fixed the problem. Also tried to run the update: into the databse " before " interting the other code. Does this make any sence ?? :-)
  5. Question. When trying to apply into DB as SQL file. it keeps telling me the same error. How do i solve this ?
  6. Hello. Finally i got everything up and running. The problem seems to be that i can't login ( wow-64.exe) Been trying the connection_patcher.exe and also Sniffer 6.2.0 - 20201, just can't get it working. I keep getting error #105 on login. My wow build is 6.2.0 - 20201. Any idea ?
  7. Thanks Jududdar. Sounds good. I'll keep an eye out for it. Hoping to see it within a few days.
  8. Since i've already updated wow to 6.2.0 20201, i can't get the DBC's from 6.1.2Is it possible that anyone could upload newly extracted DBC's from 6.1.2 or 6.2.0 20182 ??
  9. I can't get Worldserver.exe running, it stops at an DBC error. Initialize data stores... Some required *.dbc files (2 from 128) not found or not compatible: ./dbc/Difficulty.dbc exists, and has 14 field(s) (expected 13). Extracted file might be from wrong client version or a database-update has been forgotten. ./dbc/LfgDungeons.dbc exists, and has 30 field(s) (expected 29). Extracted file might be from wrong client version or a database-update has been forgotten.I don't get it. I've recompiled and added database just as it states on the Trinity Wiki ( how-to) Done everything but this keeps appearing. It's the second time now, i have re-extracted the DBC files from the new 6.2.0 - 20201 wow version aswell. Could anyone please help me on this one. it's starting to annoy me ( a lot )
  10. Im pretty sure it can't be done, atleast not yet. I've been searching for the same thing for a few days, can't find anything.
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