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  1. Hello Found this: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCoreCustomChanges/blob/3.3.5-1vs1/src/server/scripts/Custom/npc_arena1v1.cpp https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCoreCustomChanges/blob/3.3.5-1vs1/src/server/scripts/Custom/npc_arena1v1.h Downloaded the diff from here: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCoreCustomChanges/wiki Got latest TC Rev cloned. and i did "Git apply 1v1arena.diff --reject" All good. CMake and then Compiled it. No problems. Spawned the NPC in-game. Menu works and to create a team works. It signs up for Arena. But no announce in chat like it supposed todo. Not working. Even with lots of players in queue at same time both rated and unrated. Cant find any problems. Anyone else who can? THanks in advance
  2. Hello Is there a way to make Emerald Forest not a raid/dungeon zone? For a normal player you need to be in raid to enter. I wanna change so its just a normal pve zone. Thanks in advance Regards
  3. Hello. When setting movement types on a creature it does not work. If i put 1 on a npc/creature it should random move like it says. But it does not work. It just stands still.. MovementType The creature's default movement type. 0 Idle; stay in one place 1 Random movement inside the spawndist radius 2 Waypoint movement
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