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  1. I'm surprised I even remember my password.
  2. Had the same issue when versions were bumped on TC. DB changes cause fresh extracts to be required. I had just done a fresh extract not 24 hours before TC DB changed, so it baffled me too. But your symptoms are identical to mine. File was there but it was asking for it again. Fresh commit pull/mmaps and vmaps extraction and recompiling fixed it. Long story short.... start from square 1.
  3. Have you tried re-extracting MMaps and VMaps? I know it doesnt make sense, but there's the solution.Had that issue before on Windows and that fixed it as a last resort.
  4. The preceding post was absolutely *NOT* helpful! I am experiencing the same error code - yet you guys cut the answer off. How did you correct this?
  5. Thanks @Nay. Previous attempts to locate said issue through 98 pages yielded no fruit. Appreciate your input.
  6. So essentially, in other words...... Here's the end result after 30 mins of re-entering all data. I configure and generate as normal. Close CMake and when I reopen...... Boost Directory, not found. Any clues or advice? What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  7. Yes. THe preceding problem was user error. Sorry. However I now have a new concern. My CMake is not saving locations to a LOT of components. Everything is there and when I set the pathways to them all (30 mins worth of hunting, every single time), I run the Configure then set tools and Generate, everything is fine. But when I close the CMake app down and reopen it, its back to the same way it was before; a bunch of "NOT FOUND" errors. HOw can I get these paths set once and for all?? Thanks! I just tried uninstalling CMake and reinstalling it, but that does absolutely no good. Any thoughts?
  8. Disregard..... I think I solved my own issue. " The installer for VS 2015 (any edition) no longer installs the C++ compiler by default. To enable it, select Custom in the type of installation and pick Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015 in Programming Languages -> Visual C++ You can also install it from command line with the command: vs_community.exe /q /norestart /InstallSelectableItems NativeLanguageSupport_Group or if you have enterprise version with: vs_enterprise.exe /q /norestart /InstallSelectableItems NativeLanguageSupport_Group" Testing now.
  9. Hi Gang - I'm working on running and building TC 3.3.5 on a separate machine. I thought I installed everything exactly as I did my Master setup on a different rig, but paying attention to the subtle differences between 3.3.5, and Master. Anyway, Im trying to run CMAKE for the first time, but Im getting the following error. " The C compiler identification is unknown The CXX compiler identification is unknown CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:15 (project): No CMAKE_C_COMPILER could be found. CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:15 (project): No CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER could be found. " Screen Cap is..... Obviously, its asking for the location to my C++ Compiler, and as the setup instructions suggested, it should be MS VS 14, 2015. Right? Am I wrong? Someone give me a gentle shove in the proper direction please? Thanks!
  10. Yeah. Warlords, Pandaria and Legion content have not been implemented mostly for the most part. Enjoy running around exploring the entire region without getting killed.
  11. @chibeng It stated in the Wiki, and the Installation manual. It even had the links to the correct version of Visual Studio. Not sure why you feel you have to be rude right back. Just saying......
  12. From my experience, it can fail the first time through for whatever reason. Lack of ram, insufficient resources, sneeze in the other direction....hell even a fart can make it hiccup if necessary. Do it again! 3 out of 5 attempts is a successful build, like you saw. Good luck.
  13. @CDawg - Excellent advice. Much appreciated. That sounds more and more like the setup my friend was using to run both 3.3.5 and 6.x on the same rig. And yes, he was also running Linux. Maybe I need to switch. LOL
  14. As far as I know, Legion content has not been implemented yet. Same as Pandaria, or Warlords.
  15. Moving forward, I think that's the best course of action. As far as setting up 2 servers on one machine, what other precautions should I take?
  16. @Thulium - Thanks! I'll work on it. I had the misfortune of trying to create a 335 server while simultaneously hosting a Master server. Yeah....lesson learned. Im gonna have to see if I can weed through my old DB and see if anything can be salvaged. Not holding my breath though unless anyone has any suggestions. (I didn't have a *WHOLE* lot, but one character was all beefed up......)
  17. Hey folks. Just had a question thats been on my mind for the day. Racked my brain trying to think of locations. Is there a definite location in my Trinity folders and / or drive that has the location of all the character files? I'd like to back it up in case anything goes wrong. As far as backups go, whats the best folder to back up for rapid rollback in the event anything goes wrong? I'm currently having an issue that is suggested to drop the DB from my lists, but if it wipes out all characters on my server (Master), I really don't want to have to do that without a viable backup for it. ANy guidance would be appreciated. Thanks! - JH
  18. Confirmed. Issue resolved. Re-extracting both vmaps and mmaps corrected the issue. Thanks @Aokromes and @Rochet2 for your efforts.
  19. Right, yeah. Since I just did my first server install last week, my DB is totally up to date. As of right now, everything is running smoothly with vmaps turned off - have not had any clipping issues or anything running through walls/falling through floors. One of these days I will re-extract MMaps, but the vmaps is a clean extract. The error on the worldserver regarding vmaps puzzles me COMPLETELY. World plods on. Wont mark this one as solved yet because if I enable vmaps again, Im sure it might foul it up again. Actually thats a good thing to test. With server running, enable vmaps and test for connectivity. I'll let you know. Cheers!
  20. Also @Rochet2, is this where you were referring to? Looks like nothings been happening since October 16th.
  21. @Rochet2 I connected to retail today and acquired 7.1.0 (23171) for my client. Loaded up commit fcbbeb3 and compiled that. Ever since I tried to go higher than commit e0fb444, I've been having issues with the VMAPS. Could a total extraction be necessary (*BOTH* VMAPS and MMAPS) be needed to make just the VMAPS work, as @Aokromes suggested?
  22. Flew to Booty Bay and people are still on the planks. So thats a good thing I think. Is every commit presumed stable, or is there a specific release thats more stable than others?
  23. Running commit fcbbeb3. Disabled vmaps and was finally allowed in game. The incompatible error came up because I forgot to use patcher.
  24. Upon login.... This just keeps getting better and better!
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