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  1. I do not understand because of what appears in the DBErrors.log. Maybe, who knows? MoveSplineInitArgs::Validate: expression 'velocity > 0.1f' failed for GUID: 0 Entry: 21641
  2. Where is calculated or determined by the radius at which to run the NPC type hunter I set the test, if for example he has SAI with a spell shot 0-30 and within the Range, then the NPC periods trying to run away from the enemy in melee, it's blizzlike, but he runs away not far -- Где высчитывается или определяется радиус на который должен отбежать NPC типа охотник Я ставил тест, если к примеру у него есть SAI с заклинанием выстрел и радиус его действий 0-30 Range, то NPC периодами пытается отбежать от врага в ближнем бою, это blizzlike, но он отбегает совсем не далеко
  3. As far as I know, methods of dealing with this no or am I mistaken? Cheat is taking all steps to process the client could not determine the presence of a debugger, and moreover, the client never even tries to identify this presence. On the server side except for the memory test the client any opportunities there, and check out essentially nothing, as no data is changed. Cheat is run in the debugger, that is, he takes control of the execution process of the client. Cheat is a virtual computer that is running the client... Who, what will advise?
  4. It would be good to modify the program to remove duplicate motion points, I understand that he can calculate the path. The program is intended to help building routes, so you can run a manual command .wp add, you get less waypoint. Sorry for my English, I use translator
  5. I wanted to make a missing path, but met with more than 1000 Waypoint. For a game server with online above 4000 people 1000 Waypoint suggest that may cause performance degradation. Missing the route I want to make a 3.3.5 a
  6. How to optimize the path? More than 1000 moving points is a lot for servers with high load
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