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  1. Hey, first of all, sorry if this is the wrong place for my question, i didn't know where should i try to get help.. I've made a new NPC on my server (I'm using Jeutie's Repack), i've made a new equipment in creature_equip_template, and when i'm trying to write my equipment id under the column "equipment_id" it always says: SQL Error (1264): Out of range value for column 'equipment_id' at row 1 I tried to figure out what's the max range value, and it looks like it's 127. If i write 128 or more the error appears. Any idea how can i fix it, or how can i change the max value? I had already used Jeutie's Repack - Trinitycore before a few years ago, and as I remember there was no problem like this at all..
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