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  1. Luchas


    "I had to go back to backups to get my client as Battlenet updated it to 7.3.0" + "sniffer for 7.3.0"
  2. Luchas


    Shauren, could you answer the questions, pls?
  3. Luchas


    Why don't you update your server? Where is sniffer for 7.3.0? Your work was much faster for previous patches... What have done Blizzard in 7.3.0?
  4. Luchas


    It's strange. Last build from Blizzard App is 23877. In blizztrack.com last build is 23905...
  5. Luchas

    Build - Updated 8 hours ago CDN Config: 2937460d1c932fa6cb36c648b8e2561d
  6. Luchas

    Build - updated 21 hours ago
  7. Luchas

    Build - updated 9 hours ago It's not outdated. Last build is 23857.
  8. Luchas


    You can check live build of world of warcraft here - https://blizztrack.com/, if anyone's interested.
  9. Mahdishahidi, I dont know. It works for me. Thank you, Nay. I really did not know =)
  10. Where can I find coordinates of scourge invasion's objects and mobs. I want to try to script this event. It looks like Nostalrius found them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFCAP1l71pk (sorry for my bad English)
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