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  1. It takes about ~5 minutes on my 6700K. Just for your interest.
  2. Hi there, I compiled a new 3.3.5 core yesterday and saw on github that the issues/defects skyrocketed since someday in late 2016. So I have a compiled core from june 2016 in my backup so I want to know which is better/safer to use for soloplay and some dungeons with 4 friends max. Have there been any serious unstable changes to the core since 2016 or is it negligible? I read something about dissapearing items on the issue tracker and what not. Keep up your hard work and thanks! Greetings
  3. Hello, I compiled the latest source of the 3.3.5 core on Windows 10 - 64bit. On my desktop machine everything is running fine, but when i copy my server folder to my laptop both server exes are not even opening. When i double click on em the blue circle rotates next to my mouse and thats it. The mysql server is running fine on my laptop too. The laptop has Windows 10 - 64bit, the needed vcredist installed and the processor has SSE2. I'm not even getting an error log because of this which makes it really hard to figure out what the problem is.... Thanks for your help and patience! EDIT: I need Boost, git, openssl, cmake and so on only to compile right? Not to run the compiled exe files or am I wrong? I don't want to install all these things on my laptop, he is slow enough. ^^
  4. But now the compiling failed with these error messages ?!? " Error 1 error C2039: 'damagedDisplayId' : is not a member of 'GameObjectTemplate::<unnamed-type-building>' E:\TrinityCore\src\server\game\Entities\GameObject\GameObject.cpp 2007 1 game Error 2 error C2039: 'destroyedDisplayId' : is not a member of 'GameObjectTemplate::<unnamed-type-building>' E:\TrinityCore\src\server\game\Entities\GameObject\GameObject.cpp 2035 1 game Error 3 error LNK1181: cannot open input file '..\game\Release\game.lib' E:\Build\src\server\worldserver\LINK worldserver " Any ideas? Is this a fault in the actual source files?
  5. Oh my, it was my fault. I loaded the repository from git in a zip file instead of cloning it. This isn't working I see. After i cloned the source everything is fine !
  6. Hi there, I'm new here, so let me say hello to you all. I appreciate your work big time which you do in developing the core. So after i compiled the source both .conf files had absolutely no formatting, which makes it really really hard to work with em. Is there any fix for this? Greetings
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