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  1. I've run into this same problem. only i am a little fuzzy on how to properly update my database. ( new to Databases ) usually when i update my core i compare the databases on the workstation i use to assemble the core with the database on my virtual server, Create an SQL file to update the database on my Virtual server then move everything over. Up until now that seems to have worked just fine. however with the removal of the the sha_pass_hash i'm not sure how ( or if it can be done ) to keep / convert the passwords for all the accounts to the new format. any info or advice would be greatly
  2. Thanks. I figured it out. I had the correct ports however I used an old in my firewall from when I was running multiple Realms that I had port 3725 ( external ) going to 3724 ( internal )... I removed the 3725 port and added the required ports however I forgot to remove the redirection to port 3724 so it pushed all those ports to 3724.... DOH! >.<
  3. what ports need to be opened? I've opened 8081, 8087 ( changed from 8085 as my WOTLK runs on that port ) and 1119. on the firewall on the server as well as on my network firewall. however I can still only connect from the local network not the internet
  4. Hello All! I've managed to setup a 6.xx server and I can connect from inside my network to my server however I cannot connect from outside my network. When attempting to connect from outside after entering my password it try's to connect then pops up staying disconnected. Any heal would be greatly appreciated! Frayre
  5. So This is the first time I've attempted to setup a 6.xx server for myself. Downloaded the up to date client, Extracted maps, Compiled source, placed SQL files in appropriate places and Entered SQL login info to conf files. Started world server to create the databases. and after the updates completed the error below was the result. C:\TrinityCore.64\src\server\game\Spells\SpellMgr.cpp:2660 in SpellMgr::LoadSpellInfoStore ASSERTION FAILED: effect->EffectAura < TOTAL_AURAS TOTAL_AURAS must be at least 491 Any Assistance is greatly appreciated! Frayr
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