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  1. thanks for answering. In summary: TrinityCore 3.3.5 client supports wow 3.3.5a TrinityCore 4 (old) supports client wow cataclysm TrinityCore 6.x supports client wow 7.03 It is right?
  2. Hi, I'm riding a local version 6.2.3 wow server on a Linux machine. I have compiled the TrinityCore with tools without problems. When I go to mapextator and other tools do not work. I follow the guide to use the wiki tools. The mapextrator tool, believe me dbc directory (where are the db2 files), another gt capeta (empty) and not make me the map folder. The rest of the tools do not work. attachment with what I indicates the console to run mapextractor Some I can indicate that I'm doing wrong or think of after searching the forums this version 6.2.3 is not compatible with TrinityCore 6.X, if so what are the versions compatible with TrinityCore 6.X wow? Thank you salida consola.txt
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