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  1. If I understood it right, this tool @Aokromes is asking is a separate tool. The only thing in common between the two tools is that one has to process the processed txt file from the other. So, as I said, why the second tool has to be writen in C#? Why can't I do it in e.g. Java? Just want to know. I can do it in C# but I'm just curious.
  2. Why C#? I mean. You are asking for someone to do it. Can't it be Java? Or maybe the developer's choice? What's more multiplatform? As for the multiple-selection dropdowns... don't think that's posible without making your own component. I don't really think that part is actually needed. Anyways. I could do this, but I am new to the project and stuff. Any help on how to read the sniffed data would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Did you change the field manually or did some update change it? I don't know. It seems like before the recompilation the server didn't support that client build and now it does.
  4. If you can connect to the server but the server is kicking you out, then it should be because of uncompatible versions. Can you check your "auth.realmlist" table and tell me what's in the "gamebuild" field?
  5. Thank you guys. Can anyone give me some explanations about the WPP? I mean. All its functions? I see a lot of tables in the configuration but I don't know what the majority of the tables are used for. Also I tried to parse a .pkt file and it ran out of memory... o.o It was a 2mb file.
  6. Hello. I was wondering if I can get banned from the oficial server by using the Trinity Core's sniffer. I got an account with many hours played and I am curious about it. Thanks.
  7. Hi there. I am new to the community and I was wondering if you could help me with some things. I want to learn how TrinityCore and the WOW client works to help implementing things. So. I pulled the 6.x repo and I compiled all, did all the steps and extracted the maps, vmaps, mmaps, and those "gdb" and "gt" folders. All configured and somehow working. My first question is about that process of extracting maps, vmaps, mmaps, gdb, and gt: Why does the server need those files? And WHAT are those files explained one by one? As far I can tell, maps are maps (Captain Obvious), mmaps are "movemaps" (I guess they are for collision calcs or something), and got no idea about the others. My second question has to be about "sniffing". I searched some things and I checked a guide about generating waypoints with the TrinityCore's Sniffer. I know this can be used for the waypoints generation but can it be used to check one npc position plus its GUID to place the same npc in the TrinityCore? Of course I would have to add its logic later, but, I mean, the client has all the data so the server only has to send a signal saying "I am spawning an entity here with this GUID" and the client should render the npc or object with the given GUID, right? That's all for now since I am just starting to read the sources of TrinityCore and I can't ask about it for now. Thanks in advance.
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