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  1. thanks, thats part of what i was looking for, I was actually after the artwork I did find a copy of the addon kit on and old storage drive
  2. does anyone know where the old Blizz API addon kit can be downloaded from
  3. I followed the instructions ( i think ) compile went OK (i think, didn't see any errors) downloaded the database and copied the file as required got to the point where the instructions say to run worldserver I cd'd to the folder /server/bin and typed "worldserver" and got the message worldserver: command not found so i typed dir and it appears to be there here is a copy of the terminal showing commands and results wowuser@Minecraft-Server:~/server/bin$ worldserver worldserver: command not found wowuser@Minecraft-Server:~/server/bin$ dir authserver mmaps_generator vmap4assembler worldserver mapextractor TDB_full_world_335.61_2016_04_11.sql vmap4extractor anyone have any idea why it wont run
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