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  1. Hi, How many realms would the authserver handle roughly? I added about 263 realms based off of this (obviously not going to run 263 realms, it is just for the more blizz-like feel) and whenever I launch the authserver all of the realms register but the authserver will crash if you login to view the realmlist, sometimes if you are lucky it will work but 95% of the time the authserver will crash. The error in the DUMP file was: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
  2. 22>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'SSL_EAY_RELEASE-NOTFOUND.lib' 22>Done building project "worldserver.vcxproj" -- FAILED. 23>------ Build started: Project: ALL_BUILD, Configuration: RelWithDebInfo x64 ------ 23>Building Custom Rule C:/TrinityCore/Source/CMakeLists.txt 23>CMake does not need to re-run because C:/TrinityCore/Binaries/CMakeFiles/generate.stamp is up-to-date. 24>------ Skipped Build: Project: INSTALL, Configuration: RelWithDebInfo x64 ------ 24>Project not selected to build for this solution configuration ========== Build: 16 succeeded, 6 failed, 0 up-to-date, 2 skipped ========== That's the error I'm getting.
  3. Oh about that actually, I'm getting a strange error when compling the core, I can't remember exactly what it is but it is saying some lib is missing and it's compling everything else but the authserver and worldserver.
  4. Hi, I deleted the world database from my MYSQL server and imported the latest 3.3.5a world database release and it started up, updated everything then it closes with: In mysql_stmt_prepare() id: 55, sql: "SELECT entry, difficulty_entry_1, difficulty_entry_2, difficulty_entry_3, KillCredit1, KillCredit2, modelid1, modelid2, modelid3, modelid4, name, subname, IconName, gossip_menu_id, minlevel, maxlevel, exp, faction, npcflag, speed_walk, speed_run, scale, rank, dmgschool, BaseAttackTime, RangeAttackTime, BaseVariance, RangeVariance, unit_class, unit_flags, unit_flags2, dynamicflags, family, trainer_type, trainer_spell, trainer_class, trainer_race, type, type_flags, lootid, pickpocketloot, skinloot, resistance1, resistance2, resistance3, resistance4, resistance5, resistance6, spell1, spell2, spell3, spell4, spell5, spell6, spell7, spell8, PetSpellDataId, VehicleId, mingold, maxgold, AIName, MovementType, InhabitType, HoverHeight, HealthModifier, ManaModifier, ArmorModifier, DamageModifier, ExperienceModifier, RacialLeader, movementId, RegenHealth, mechanic_immune_mask, spell_school_immune_mask, flags_extra, ScriptName FROM creature_template WHERE entry = ?" Unknown column 'InhabitType' in 'field list' I know this is an issue with the updates, because if I import the database from the releases website and not update it with the updates it works, a corrupt update possibly?
  5. Yeah, I have tried all sorts of different clients I could find on the internet, I even installed the client onto my laptop and tried to login and it crashed just like they do on my normal PC, it's gotta be something wrong with the server itself then if it is happening on other devices. I just checked the GlueXML log and I found this in it when the client loads: 3/15 16:23:06.702 Error loading Interface\GlueXML\StarterEditionPopUp.lua Does that have anything to do with it?
  6. Here is my client crash log, this is the latest one... What happens: 1.) When I go to login with my username (not email) and password it will do it's authenticating and say connected, then it freezes on connected and a popup says the game has crashed and then prints out the error log. 2.) I have tried a 100% full client and the same happens repeatedly. 3.) I've reinstalled TrinityCore 4.3.4 and even redownloaded clients and the issue still persists. I have also included a screenshot of the error popup, please check it out. 2018-03-14 17.21.06 Crash.txt
  7. It is still not working, like wtf I reinstalled everything. Are you sure the bnetserver isn't needed? Because the worldserver is listening for the bnet server on port 1118.
  8. Okay then.. Going to reinstall the source and recompile and see what that does.
  9. It works completely fine on other servers such a mortalwow... I just don't get why it's not working... If you have one that seems to work for you, mind clearing the data folder and posting it here, not pm cause it might help others with this issue.
  10. I just downloaded a full client and tried and I still get this: 2018-03-12 20.58.19 Crash.txt
  11. Okay, and another annoying this.. Any 4.3.4 client I download (download as you play) always crashes when I get to the character screen. It's going on about the patch not being able to download. I hope Blizzard haven't just taken the patch server offline for 4.3.4 clients. :/ 2018-03-12 18.43.58 Crash.txt
  12. So what is the bnetserver for? Also, do I create my account using the normal account command or the battlenetaccount command?
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