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  1. [INVALID]Any 4.3.4 Repack?

    Are there any latest trinity core Repack? I don't want to sound last but the whole compiling stuff looks daunting :/ I did attempt to compile this: https://gitlab.com/trinitycore/TrinityCore_434/tree/1a3911163285968d93c2d0d1dc97618b5d74a19c But I don't have the space to install visual studio.
  2. Working Official Blizzard 3.x.x Torrent

    Can't access pirate bay, ISP blocked it. Also i did "Google" you didn't think I would of tried that? It's fine though I have one now.
  3. 3.3.5a Launcher Issue

    Actually, http://launcher.worldofwarcraft.com/2.0/index.xml?locale=en-US It still works obviously because I said it shows the images and text but not the background. I'm starting to think it's an issue with the firewall blocking it.
  4. 3.3.5a Launcher Issue

    For some reason the background of the news page for the launcher is black, but the images and text are shown? Is the webserver that hosts the news page offline? If so where can I download the webserver content to stick on my webserver?
  5. Hi, Was just wondering if there are any official Blizzard installers or torrents for any 3.x.x version for WOTLK. I tried InstallWoW.exe (used to work) but blizzard took the servers offline for it. I also tried to extract a torrent from the Background Downloader but the tracker for it is offline.. Any you have will do, working or not, I'll try and get them working.
  6. Headless Horseman Instance

    Hey, Recently compiled a 3.3.5a server and I want to do the headless horseman instance but I can't join it through the instance finder seeing that I'm the only one on, is there a way to join it solo? I'm really sorry if this is the wrong section to ask this..
  7. Latest 3.3.5a Database SQLs?

    Hi, Thank you Nay! - Lewis
  8. Latest 3.3.5a Database SQLs?

    Hi, Where can I get the latest MySQL database sql's for 3.3.5a, I would compile the thing but I'm extremely bad at that stuff. Thank you!