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  1. What about actually reading what you posted? "I'm using retail wow from patch 7.2.5 which trinity core has said to be compatible. " And after that: "Determined build number: 25497" All build numbers higher than 25000 are 7.3.0+ builds.
  2. To enter instances you should add them to instance template. For SoO: INSERT INTO `instance_template` (`map`, `parent`, `script`, `allowMount`) VALUES (1136, 870, 'instance_siege_of_orgrimmar', 1);
  3. This screenshot is showing korkron scout from Ragefire Chasm. There are two of them using this animations and one under the dog in the beginning using "sleep" animation for lower body and "punch" for upper. Any help would be great since I'm working on Ragefire Chasm rewrite and going to release it when it will be done completly. Only minor graphic fixes like this and few quest related issues left.
  4. I found some NPCs that have double emote animations, for example Does anyone have an idea of how to implement this? That screenshot was taken during MoP, but still actual for Legion. It looks like this NPC use strangulate emote on his lower body, but something else on upper. I can't find anything related in sniffs, maybe it's anim kit or whatever, but there are only zero values.
  5. Nvm, got nesessary info through parsehub. More steps to get desired sql strings, but still much easier than typing it manually lol.
  6. Figured out how to open MapDifficulty.db2 through DBC Veiwer, but swill dont know how to edit it. Proper header types are: 0 - string 1-6 - int. Please let me know if you managed to edit db2 files.
  7. How can I open it? I tried dbcviewer but it has only old build column names, so it's not working anymore. As I can understand you can manually add column name and types. It says "7 out of 8 columns" on "build 13205" option, and even less with others. I tried to add column, but looks like it needs proper name and type, that I don't know where to get. Any help with this?
  8. Figured it out myself. You should add npc and quest to world.creature_queststarter database, same way for ending quest with world,creature_questender. Anyone have wowhead data parser? I found one, html+php written, but it seems no longer works. Can anyone help me to fix it? https://github.com/Helias/WoWHead-Quest-Parser heres the link on it.
  9. Hello, I'm a begginner, so sorry if it's a stupid question. I sniffed whole demon hunter area, but seems like npcs lost their "questgiver" flag or something. They accept completed quests, that I add through .quest add command, but not givin any. How can I fix this? What should I start looking for? Tried to change "flags" column for value "3" but seems like it's not working. Any suggestions?
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