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  1. 17 hours ago, CDawg said:


    7 hours ago, CDawg said:

    I don't have the db for that specific application(armory). If you go with that Armory you will have to obtain the database from that particular person.

    It appears that he used Exodius' armory DB here.

    Like I mentioned most of the armories are proprietary to their specific project. Shadez made one many years ago and everyone I know branched from that and made their own hybrids.

    You want to cache some of the queries and dump everything into json (for security purposes), or if you would prefer to use a live xml generated armory, similar to how blizz does their armory push/pull generation.

    If you know LAMP or XAMP (for windows), best bet would be to create one yourself.

    I'll PM you my full armory db. But, the application layer will have to be built by you or someone that knows how to program.


    oks Thanks, I will waiting your DB 


  2. 8 hours ago, CDawg said:

    Most of the armories for 335a have been moved onto Cata version or higher.

    It took me about 1 full year to perfect mine. You might find tidbits on github.

    But here is where to start an armory for your version. Dissect the client DBC files and dump them all into MySQL or XML (your choice), then really go from there. I can help with the math if you need. For Example the iLvl from the gear that characters are equipped with.

    The client local DBCs actually have just about everything you need.

    To be honest, I can look for the scripts where I de-compiled the DBCs and had them inserted into mysql. But I don't know exactly what you're looking for. I can provide mysql dumps if you would prefer.

    I'm trying https://github.com/velinath/trinity-armory/ using the database of https://github.com/Exodius/WoW-Armory but I have this error:  Table 'armory.armory_slots' doesn't exist I dont have that database If you have I will aprecciate the help



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