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  1. I don't know what soap fixes instead using gmp. Both extensions are commented so the way to register an account is impossible if im using a hosting which doesn't let me go to php.ini. That's the point, using a hosting to let friends get registered. Moreover SRP6_Support at config must be enabled as the developer of that code. Isn't there a way to replace gmp methods with others?
  2. Hello again. Now i got other problem to deal with. I finally found the way to create accounts using a hosting and connection to my local db. But when i try to create an account using the register system into the website it says that gmp extension is not enabled. Is there an alternative to that method on registering system? On the webhosting im using i can't enable it on php.ini.
  3. Is it possible? I think the title it's selfexplainatory. I think its not normal to re-upload everything about account table every time a user got registered, so... what's purposed to do to make the authserver saving the data into the webpage db?
  4. $config['srp6_support'] = true; and uncommented gmp extension. It's solved. Thanks!
  5. Could you explain me what things are? I only need to understand how make registered accounts get stored at account table.
  6. Bind-address doesn't appear in my.ini conf. It's the only thing that probably doesn't let others enter into the server (i can) Firewall is desactivated. Ports are open. Authserver.conf and Worldserver.conf have the syntax: "dns_of_no-ip;3306;mysqlUsername;mysqlPassword;table". Realmlist is changed. SQLYog address is changed. What should i do then?
  7. Heya. First of all, I know that the database installation guide recommended creating the accounts using the "account create" command. However, I would like to know how to generate accounts through a web page (made from myself, i know there's a helpful web to do this easier: https://github.com/TrinityCore/WoWSimpleRegistration ). Anyway, i tried to do that option too, but it fails. I'll post the error after explaining the priority purpose problem (own website) I have been investigating and I have seen that the fields "salt" and "verifier" do not appear in the structure of the table "account" that is shown as an example in this web: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130004/account But i know that's an encryptation method to keep accounts safe. Anyway, i did the code (on PHP) with username and password fields. I pretend to build myself the salt and verifier fields (using this web that i think it was from your hand: https://www.gitmemory.com/issue/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/25157/675865944). First problem: verifier and salt fields are encrypted with "unreadable" characters, so i got a SQL Syntax Error when i try to Insert into the DB. -> Registering problem. How can i "translate it" without breaking the purpose of encryptation? Second problem: Login problem -> How can i make the code "compare" successfully the database's verifier field with the plain text password which users will write? I think if i had the c++ code file i'll have a chance to understand how it's encrypted and how it's compared (the solution code made with the CMake). I suppose that verifier & salt fields are read with C++ and compared with wow.exe wrote password. So... i would like to know what must i do, or where can i find the c++ code to understand which process is made to compare both passwords... I'm a bit lost with this, sincerelly. If it's very hard to "fix", then i'll try with the SimpleWowRegistration, but... as i said before, it fails. Basically it doesn't stores the data wrote at the website while registering. Thanks for the attention and sorry if my english is as good as my programming skills.
  8. I have uplodaded a video of the problem I have with the gobjects. No matter how I put them with .gobj add, they put themselves with the same rotation, no matter what. Any ideas? Here's the video. Gobject Bug Rotation Video
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