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  1. realmlist table

    Anyone else getting problems with the 4.3.4 branch since the updates with the newest commit where it will let you join into the world but other times it won't this was fine until the updates from 5 days ago. Sometimes it works and others it don't and when I restart server it does then picks times not to work again. Everything was fine until updates.
  2. Good glad everything is working for you now
  3. I tried doing everything over to make sure there were no errors and that everything was done from the wiki step by step, still nothing different, this is really strange everything seems to be normal.
  4. I was forgetting the gt folder in world of warcraft where your client is there is a folder called gt you need to add this folder to your server where you run the worldserver.exe and the other problem I was getting was deleting the enUS folder where the dbc files were getting extracted from you must leave it alone and leave that in there when it extracts the files. I also ignored where the extractor says it detects client 20365 which is not the issue here. Let me know if this works for you.
  5. I checked there is no proxy configured on windows so I am good there thanks though for letting me know, this sucks why it is staying on this, I got this far thinking I was good now until this lol
  6. I am doing everything locally and I get the realm list up and everything seems to be great and the 4.3.4 server is up running just fine and everything is the same for both servers. I am using the master branch at the latest version for 7.2.0 with everything set to my local IP address, but I am still getting logging into game server and it is just sitting there doing nothing. I used search to look up the same issue and checking the tagged topics with the marked up ones as well nothing seem to fix the issue. Thanks for any help with this issue.
  7. Which file do you have to edit to allow a certain client build to run
  8. You can close or delete this I got the server working thanks so much for everybody's help
  9. nope same issue
  10. I am going to do one better I am going to reformat the whole computer and do every single thing
  11. Yep I did it again to make sure & the same thing happens it's really strange. Hey do you think you could link your dbc files to see if it works for me thanks.
  12. I don't think you understand what I am saying there is really nothing I can do to fix this, because the updates are in, the client build says 23911 but when I run mapextractor it is saying the client build is being detected as 20365. I even tried reinstalling world of warcraft and I am getting the same issue so I have done all the patches and updates. Without someone linking me there file for the dbcs I will not be able to run the server.
  13. Aedansilver see if you are getting the same issue that when you run world of warcraft that your client says 23911 and when you run mapextractor that it says it detected client build 20365 or something else other than the client build that wow says, because that is what I am getting not sure why the extractor is seeing something different.
  14. Can someone link me there dbc files for 7.2.0 so I can try to see if it is not compatible Thanks.
  15. It was the dbc files that wasn't loading because it was in another folder when it was created, now I get. Some required *.db2 files (207 from 1) not found or not compatible: Achievement.db2 AnimKit.db2 AreaGroupMember.db2 AreaTable.db2