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  1. They all are using my external IP. Also i have already patched with connection_patcher.exe: wow.exe and wow-65.exe, i just cant understand why one of my friends cant connect. @Edit: One of my friends didnt run the connection_patcher.exe. That's why he couldn't connect. thanks for the help codeman.
  2. i'm using master branch and it is stuck in connecting, although its stuck only for 1 of my friends, i've already tested with two friends, and it seems to work with one of them. Client:7.2.5 Ports: 8081 8085 8086 1119 3724 bnetserver.conf: LoginREST.Port = 8081 LoginREST.ExternalAddress=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx LoginREST.LocalAddress=192.168.1.xxx auth.realmlist: address = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx localAddres = 192.168.1.xxx Any suggestion?
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