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  1. Edited, All right, I can understand why. is there a way I can join the update files and then run a single sql script? Example: 2017_01.sql 2017_02.sql fully_2017_01_to_02.sql --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How so at one time, I do not understand, forgive me, can you guide me? Let me know if I have or not! So I can not send the tables to the database, what goes into the 4 databases? so should I create the databases and then run the worldserver and bnetserver servers so they will import the tables with the updates? Without causing some sort of conflict, error in the database? Since I do not speak English, I translated using google, I'm sorry for that.
  2. Hi, I am having problems with auto update (I find it very confusing to update each update manually), it seems that it only works in version deployed and not as autonomous. I run mysql via Command Prompt has worked for me for a long time in projects ... I think it may be ... because I point the configuration file. This sentence caught my attention: "failed! If you are a user" (phrase shown in the worldserver log) which I think may have to have permission The mysql configuration file, Server log file and the bat pitcher in the form of text is attached, if no one accidentally runs. The mysql configuration file and the bat mysql run in the form of text is attached, so no one accidentally runs. I will continue to seek a solution, if I find I put here for others with the same problem. Thank you for all! Since I do not speak English, I translated using google, I'm sorry for that. my.ini mysql.bat.txt Server.log
  3. Thanks, now I can create a web app to create accounts. I'll share it later!
  4. I installed MySQL on system and now working the build.
  5. First of all, my language is not English, it's Portuguese. I have partially looked at the topic about core compilation errors, I have not found anything that can help me. I do not use MySQL the intalalled version, I use the ".zip" version and start it from the command line. What I pointed out the missing mysql paths to folders of my mysql ".zip" MYSQL_EXECUTABLE = C:/Users/Henrrique/Desktop/SERVER/mysql/bin/mysqlX.exe MYSQL_INCLUDE_DIR = C:/Users/Henrrique/Desktop/SERVER/mysql/include MYSQL_LIBRARY = C:/Users/Henrrique/Desktop/SERVER/mysql/lib NOTE: I also had problems with the paths to boost, pointed the missing paths and did not get any more errors, however I had to point out LINK paths in the vmap4assembler and mmaps_generator project. The error that points to the output is: Error LNK1181 cannot open input file 'C:\Users\Henrrique\Desktop\SERVER\mysql\lib.obj' authserver C:\Users\Henrrique\Desktop\PROJECTWOW\BUILD\src\server\authserver\LINK 1 Error LNK1181 cannot open input file 'C:\Users\Henrrique\Desktop\SERVER\mysql\lib.obj' worldserver C:\Users\Henrrique\Desktop\PROJECTWOW\BUILD\src\server\worldserver\LINK 1 The strange thing is this obj file: "lib.obj" it is part of mysql, I did not find this file in mysql nor in the debug_test version.
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