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  1. Hello Borg9, your thoughts are correct - grab a sql editor of your choice (i personally use HeidiSQL) and establish a connection to your database. You can use any user for that database that has the rights to change the table you aim for. If you are unsure about your username / password, you can find this data in both, your authserver.conf and worldserver.conf at "LoginDatabaseInfo". Afterwards you locate your Auth Database and the realmlist table to modify your ip adress. It should roughly look like in the following screenshot: Your authserver.conf and worldserver.conf both have a setting that is called: # BindIP # Description: Bind auth server to IP/hostname # Default: "" - (Bind to all IPs on the system) BindIP = "" If there is your old ip, change it too. ( is fine and should work for you) All that is taken from a recent version. If yours is several years old, there could be differences. If you need further assistance, feel free to join in irc or discord
  2. How should we know? Your screenshot is cropped to intentionally not show this bit of information. "(...) on my server (...)" - is this a repack or compiled by yourself? What revision are you running on? Did you make any changes to your database? Can you post your "Auth.log" and "Server.log" so we can at least have some information to help you?
  3. Copying Folders to migrate a Database is not advised at all. If you are unexperienced with sql databases, there is another way to copy a character from one server to another. You can use the pdump commands to create a file for a single character to import them to your new one. pdump 3 Syntax: .pdump $subcommand Type .pdump to see the list of possible subcommands or .help pdump $subcommand to see info on subcommands pdump copy 3 Syntax: .pdump copy $playerNameOrGUID $account [$newname] [$newguid] Copy character with name/guid $playerNameOrGUID into character list of $account with $newname, with first free or $newguid guid. pdump load 3 Syntax: .pdump load $filename $account [$newname] [$newguid] Load character dump from dump file into character list of $account with saved or $newname, with saved (or first free) or $newguid guid. pdump write 3 Syntax: .pdump write $filename $playerNameOrGUID Write character dump with name/guid $playerNameOrGUID to file $filename.
  4. Hello and welcome turbo-snek. Could you please post the full server.log file so we can see on what branch/revision you are running? Some additional info would also be great, like: Is this a fresh install? did you change something in the database before that happened? did you maybe point to an already existing database from a previous install or a repack for example that has another structure? You could also try to drop your databases (auth/characters/world) and create them fresh again by providing the full database to the worldserver.
  5. Hey Acciderk, that Screenshot was taken from a my personal copy of AoWoW. Jackpoz is also managing one for Trinitycore, you can find it here (link specified to your test npc). This is a WoWHead style webdatabase, made for private servers like TC. You wont find the details from my screenshot in an public version, since this is taken from staff/admin view but the general idea of it is being a user-database. The Code of this project is public accessible here. Since i expect you to be interested in the loot generation, ill save you some time and also link you the respective code file. Have a nice day!
  6. Hello and welcome Acciderk, i can only suggest you to read over the Loot Article in the wiki, since what you are missing here is a loop through the loot reference table. The Lich King (c.e. 39168) has 5 directly attached items in his default loot template, one if them requires to be on a quest. Every other loot comes from loot references (also part of said template). I attached a picture to make this more visible/clear:
  7. Is there a folder called "gt" that contains these files in the same location where you put your maps, vmaps, etc? The folder and its content is required to start the worldserver. Additional Info here: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130046/Server+Setup
  8. There are a lot of things that could have been written better or different, but without trying to compile this myself, there is something that really bothers me and i would say this could potentially result in your crash: You spamforce the boss an attackorder here on every update diff. The more i think about this, the more i wonder where he even gets "target" from in this case? That should not even compile. In general, there is a pretty basic and simple pattern you can follow in UpdateAI: void UpdateAI(uint32 diff) override { if (!UpdateVictim()) return; events.Update(diff); if (me->HasUnitState(UNIT_STATE_CASTING)) return; while (uint32 eventId = events.ExecuteEvent()) { switch (eventId) { case EVENT_NAME: stuff that should happen; break; default: break; } if (me->HasUnitState(UNIT_STATE_CASTING)) return; } DoMeleeAttackIfReady(); }
  9. Tools will be compiled on default settings. You would need to edit your config to NOT compile them. Another thing to mention - compiling on linux will give you tools for linux, they cant be used on Windows. Same goes vise versa.
  10. What exactly is a "scripts module" you are talking about? The folder you are linking to contains current core c++ Unit/Boss/Zone/.../Instancescripts. Please give more details
  11. You have to execute the extractors in your clients root folder.
  12. Hey Shin, i want to start by saying that i have respect for you as a person and by no means want to offend you in any way. We had a chat here and there and you are a really nice and open-minded person with a lot of interesting thoughts. I already gave feedback in discord, but i would like to state and expand my personal opinion on your article here again: I generally agree with you in most parts of the overall topic. Sharing and contributing is the most important part in the whole wow emulation scene. Ive seen a lot of (very small) projects (with a lifespan of 1-2 months) or creators of repacks that act like they wrote everything themself. The first thing a lot of them do is renaming and rebranding. HOWEVER - one of the key messages of your article is simply wrong. Since ive never fully done it before, ive read trough GPL 2 (from june 1991) again - trinitycore is released under this license. While this might not be true for GPL 3 (haven't read GPL 3 yet since i dont work on something where GPL 3 is applied), GPL 2 simply doesn't apply for a so called "private server". GPL 2 only covers distribution of the software. It would apply to everyone that provides a repack, but not for someone hosting a public server (with our without payments involved). Even if you want to express it with simple words, giving a fact another meaning is a bad approach. I would also like to criticize you statement of "stealing" but that would take much more time. So lets head over to a more important thing that collides with your overall statement - as someone who had a private server a while ago, i would like to share my opionion related to your article on 2 sub-topics: 1) Private Servers and the ideal world example To keep it simple, we will ignore the fact that the amount of players is the core element that either generates new players for a server or let it (slowly or fast, depending on numbers) die. Assuming your server doesn't crash dozens of times on launch day, running a successful "private server" (generating a community/playerbase) is not done with code quality, its marketing. Players don't just accidentally join your server. If you are bad at marketing and/or dont have the manpower to create at least a good website and stuff, the only way to generate interest is by providing better playability of content. Why is this important? In your example of Bob and Alice - lets assume Bob is the guy with better marketing but not the better developer -, Alice would be the looser in this sharing example, since she will loose her only small advantage that keeps the small community on her server because Bobs marketing would pull them over. 2) Quality and ways to contribute Depending on the WoW-Server-Emulation project we look at, they all have a different approach on contributing quality. Standards for contributing to TrinityCore are quite high and require a lot of effort to be accepted since playability is not the primary goal of the TrinityCore project as far as i can tell. Most of the stuff we "fixed" in our former project wouldn't have been accepted since it was mostly hacked together for functionality instead of being correct and failsafe. Therefore, after our project died, we were only able to provide small stuff back to trinitycore that have been well researched and written to met the standards. But the project and the playerbase enabled us to report bugs that i, as a single person, would never have found. Revealing issues that had been unknown before is also a way of contributing, even if it is a small one. So, without the intend to offend you in any way, the only message i get from your article is "give credit!" Every person that has more than a basic understanding of the server emulation scene clearly knows whats up behind the curtains and who is responsible for things. If you contribute to an open source project, you do it knowingly that there will be people using your "work" without giving a damn on your name. If you are up for it, take your message to ground zero of your anger - without the intend of promoting anything: ac-w*b, own*dcor*, *mucoach, (...) - i would love to see the reactions. Greetings, Jinnai
  13. You have to look into your database for a better understanding of the RBAC System. There are several tables to utilize this system. RBAC Permissions hold all the commands and their IDs, this is where you start looking trough stuff: RBAC default permissions is the overview of basic roles that TC ships - you can see secID 3 here for example, this is GM level 3. 0 Is the default player: RBAC linked permissions is where you create command groups. You will find ID 192 right at the start of it, so you can see commands that are exclusive to GM Level 3. ID 192 also has a link to 193 (as marked in the screenshot) which tells you that all permissions from GM Level 2 are included in GM Level 3: In RBAC account permissions you can grant or deny specific things to single accounts. Example: Account ID 135 is a GM Level 3 but you dont want him to be able to access the AH-Bot commands? Add him here, pick the Permission IDs (778,779,...) and set granted to 0 on the realm of your choice.
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