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  1. Hey Shin, i want to start by saying that i have respect for you as a person and by no means want to offend you in any way. We had a chat here and there and you are a really nice and open-minded person with a lot of interesting thoughts. I already gave feedback in discord, but i would like to state and expand my personal opinion on your article here again: I generally agree with you in most parts of the overall topic. Sharing and contributing is the most important part in the whole wow emulation scene. Ive seen a lot of (very small) projects (with a lifespan of 1-2 months) or
  2. You have to look into your database for a better understanding of the RBAC System. There are several tables to utilize this system. RBAC Permissions hold all the commands and their IDs, this is where you start looking trough stuff: RBAC default permissions is the overview of basic roles that TC ships - you can see secID 3 here for example, this is GM level 3. 0 Is the default player: RBAC linked permissions is where you create command groups. You will find ID 192 right at the start of it, so you can see commands that are exclusive to GM Level 3.
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