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  1. Hello, I have a questions about creating my own server.Do you guys know how should I start? I read a lot of tutorials and blogs also some videos about the topic and I still don't know what should I do first. Which is the best version of wow I mean patch from 7.1.5 and above? Which TBD (release trinity core) would work best with my version of game? There is also a lot of updates and I don't know which I should use. So this are my questions, I would like to know your opinion, also I would like to see some of your tutorials which you used.Thank your paintenance.
  2. hello, I have a problem with CMAKE. Will anyone please help me? report: CMake Error at cmake/macros/FindBoost.cmake:1231 (message): Unable to find the requested Boost libraries. Boost version: 1.66.0 Boost include path: C:/boost_1_66_0 Could not find the following static Boost libraries: boost_system boost_filesystem boost_thread boost_program_options boost_iostreams No Boost libraries were found. You may need to set BOOST_LIBRARYDIR to the directory containing Boost libraries or BOOST_ROOT to the location of Boost. If you still have problems search on forum for TCE00020. Call Stack (most recent call first): dep/boost/CMakeLists.txt:41 (find_package)
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