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  1. Where is your dbc folder? vmaps and mmaps folder are right (they were found), the dbc folder should be in the same place than those two.
  2. Now there are quest_request_items_locale and quest_offer_reward_locale, I can start translating from enUS to esES/esMX but, what kind of number should I use for 'VerifiedBuild'?
  3. Check if authserver and worldserver connect to the database
  4. I want to autocomplete quests that can not be completed normally while I find the way to fix them. I have read about QuestType and Flags, but this does not work for me in some cases. As example, the quest 12886. I tried everything and if I get to the point that I can make it autocompleted, I can not accept the mission from the quest giver and does not appear as completed in the quest log. What do I need to do to autocomplete the quest, be available on the quest giver and show it completed for the player?
  5. Hello Which C++ version is trinitycore using? Or, where can I see it by myself? Maybe it's a silly question but I am new at this and I would like to learn.
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