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  1. i didn't compile AshamaneCore Source , i did compile 4.3.4 and at least i know ashamane isn't 4.3.4 it's right ?
  2. hi there. I am new on Linux. I went all the way up to the point where it was needed to extract DBC & Maps & Vmaps & Mmaps , there's a problem! I don't know how should I download wow 4.3.4 on Linux ( Ubuntu ) because I wanna use extractors and there's no Wow directory to use. someone help, please
  3. Hi there, I have a problem with opening some of dbc files for example Achievement_Criteria.dbc when I try to open it with dbc editors sends me this error: byte packed dbc files not supported. I think its cause of editor does not match with 4.3.4, someone can help me ?:( or tell me another way to find criteria ID of Achievements, Sry for bad English
  4. Thx dude , fixed with downloading https://gist.github.com/Kinzcool/f2b42ad6f6ba6054cd53 (MPQs)
  5. i got this error : c:\users\pc\desktop\trinitycore_434-4.3.4\src\tools\vmap4_extractor\wmo.cpp:383 in WMOGroup::ConvertToVMAPGroupWmo ASSERTION FAILED: MoviEx < nVertices
  6. I don't think this is the problem, can attach your own extractors for me? test them for mine I think its compile problem
  7. again "vmap4extractor.exe stopped working" crash
  8. Hi there. I run vmap4extractor.exe and after a minute vmpa4extrator.exe has stopped working error will appear, how can I fix that? it's: https://gitlab.com/trinitycore/TrinityCore_434/ Can someone upload extractors of TrinityCore 4.3.4 For me? maybe I did some wrong in compile, or upload maps,dbc,vmaps,mmaps for me actually better to upload extractors for me :((
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