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  1. Jaafe

    3.3.5a Auction House Bot

    Hm...but why is it happening on my system? A config-problem? I guest it's not possible to create such a behaviour on purpose (creating items in AH with lower buy-prices than bid-prices, because this would not make any sense...) Could it be some DB-Issues? Some missed DB-Updates? (Autoupdates are activated in Trinitycore) Edit: OK, I take it all back! I had a typo in my config: "AuctionHouseBot.BidPrice.Max = 0.9" was "02.9" I've corrected it and now the AHbot is working like it should :)
  2. Jaafe

    WoW client (enUS) to start from

    Same problem here Any suggestions are welcome...
  3. Jaafe

    3.3.5a Auction House Bot

    It seems that the AHBOT is broken in 3.3.5. Roundabout 90% of the auctions on my server from AHBOT have lower "buy now"- then "bid"-prices. This results in not buy-able or bid-able items. I've already cleaned the auctions and restartet server/ahbot, but with the same result, all the new items from ahbot are not buy-able in 90%. Trinitycore compiled version from 01.01.2019 Can someone confirm?