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  1. Hm...but why is it happening on my system? A config-problem? I guest it's not possible to create such a behaviour on purpose (creating items in AH with lower buy-prices than bid-prices, because this would not make any sense...) Could it be some DB-Issues? Some missed DB-Updates? (Autoupdates are activated in Trinitycore) Edit: OK, I take it all back! I had a typo in my config: "AuctionHouseBot.BidPrice.Max = 0.9" was "02.9" I've corrected it and now the AHbot is working like it should :)
  2. It seems that the AHBOT is broken in 3.3.5. Roundabout 90% of the auctions on my server from AHBOT have lower "buy now"- then "bid"-prices. This results in not buy-able or bid-able items. I've already cleaned the auctions and restartet server/ahbot, but with the same result, all the new items from ahbot are not buy-able in 90%. Trinitycore compiled version from 01.01.2019 Can someone confirm?
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