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  1. So I am using a particular boss for a quest chain involving a certain raid. Prior to me making this raid, I had the story setup to where the questgiver was actually one of the bosses. No big deal right? Create another NPC with his model ID and use him. Anyway, my dumb ass accidentally uses the actual boss ID for the questgiver. Low and behold, that ended up causing issues for me. So I unbound the quests from him but in the process whilst in creature_template I accidentally deleted the damn row that contained the boss and I need him for my quest line because he is the only scripted version I can find in my database. Is there anyone willing to share the SQL file with me for this particular boss so I can put him back in my database? This is probably the silliest thread ever posted here, but would appreciate it. Please PM me as I am not trying to give out too much information in regards to the raid and I didn't want to make a post on A*-W** because I am well known there and would look like the biggest noob ever. Please PM me! I just need 1 row of SQL for 1 boss from a TBC raid!
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