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  1. Im sure this info is somewhere hidden in a dark corner somewhere but after several hours of google searches I give up finding this info on my own. How in the world do I change the Realm time? both my Realm time and local time are off by an hour and half and I cant for the life of me figure out how to change it. I cant even find info on realm time period and cant figure out if there even is a setting to change it. I dont even understand why both my realm and local time would be off from my systems time. Is this controlled by MySQL or the server itself? This one just has me totally perplexed. EDIT: Nvm found it lmao, MySQL, Auth, Realmlist, Timezone ........ not sure why it was off by 1.5 hours but the time zone was off by 1, changed that and the extra half hour disappeared and is now displaying the correct time.
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