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  1. Hello Tapias, the IPs are already modified with the good one in bnetserver.conf and in auth.realmlist …. So I have another problem, any other idea ? PS: When I entered my credentials, I have ERROR BLZ51901015...
  2. Hello Tapias, thanks for the link, I dont't find this on the Internet. I downloaded the file, execute it in my Wow folder, Wow.exe is patched now, but I cannot reach my server … Wow Client disconnect me after entering my credentials, and there is no connection seen on the hosts… I'm asking why … I don't understand this. Anyone can help me please ?
  3. Hello, First of all, I'm french, so excuse my bad English. I compile and setup the master branch of Trinity core in last revision (, on a dedicated machine on the Internet. I configure correctly all IP addresses in *.conf files, configured also in MySQL Auth DB realm table. The 4 ports needed by the servers are opened in TCP (not UDP), so no problem here. I saw in the Trinity docs for the client connection that I need an external launcher for the client. In this forum, ppl responds "Arctium Launcher" to achieve this. Where can I find an Arctium Launcher up to date ? It seems that the team not develop the launcher anymore ... How can I connect my client to the server ? (The client is at the right version, and the config.wtf file is modified to point to my server) Thanks for the help guys !
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