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  1. Hello TrinityCore :), Well I compiled and ran the 3.3.5a branch succesfully. Now I wanna start editing the server, but I ran into a few problems. 1/ Wich source is the true source :p? I downloaded trinitycore (from the git) and used that to compile the /bin/ I assume this is the source of the authserver & worldserver so its this one that u have to edit if u wanna add custom scripts? Or do u stick with the /bin/ folder, and edit the /bin/src/ folder? 2/Adding custom scripts I get the whole point of adding the script to the custom folder in Visual Studio, i changed the cmake file in Visual studio This makes me come back to my 1st question. Do I have to edit the /build/src/ folder? Or can i do this in Visual Studio. Because the folder itselfs looks different then the what Visual Studio shows me. Or do u have to redo the entire process and redo the cmake of the git folder? I dont know, but I cant seem to get the custom scripting part. Thanks in advance!
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