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  1. Just so I understand you completely: I should forget about upgrading my WOD and just download the client form BNet? :)
  2. Hello guys. 1st: I've tried compiling and running 3.3.5a with great success. Repacks too. Had lots of fun Now I'd like to "get my hands dirty" and I am thus compiling the aka Master. I think I need the correct client to extract the right maps etc My current Retail Blizz is WOD and I am willing to pay them for the latest version if it helps me pull the maps for but I am not certain if that is the correct way of doing it since the latest version from Blizz would be a newer version ?? I am guessing that a downgrade is out of the question cuz I've never heard about it being possible Would "Arctium WoW Client Launcher" help me in any way here? So now I am asking: how would you do it? /GG
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