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  1. Hello! How I can logging chat channels? like: whispers guild group, raid say
  2. Hello How I can compile some script? (by example src/server/scripts/Northrend/Ulduar/Ulduar/boss_flame_leviathan.cpp) to test my code. I have to compile the entire TC to test a couple of lines of code in this script. This is very long for me (about one hour of compilation) is it possible to compile only one script file somehow?
  3. Yes, I changed it. It is also necessary to modify the realmlist file in the database (auth)
  4. for files authserver.conf, worldserver.conf and also you need to add your ip to the list of allowed in MySQL (this is done in the configuration file MySql)
  5. If I'm not mistaken, then you need to change to your IP to which you are connecting (unless of course it is localhost)
  6. Hello! I apologize if I made a mistake on the topic I use TDB 335.20021 on my Ubuntu 18.04. The first question touches Update time diff. If the server has been running for more than 5 hours, then the load on the two cores is maximum and Update time diff more than 900 ms. We have to restart the server and then Update time diff becomes normal (50 ms). What could it be? My second question is about textures. I’m attaching a screenshot. If you switch to a character, the effect changes (normal \ without texture (dark)). What could it be?
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